About us..

ASOVEL is a non profit organisation regarding the promotion and use of light electric vehicles (weighing less than 400kg). Our focus is around mopeds, bikes and scooters being the most economic, comfortable and least noise polluting way that exists to move from one point to another in a city centre. This new type of transport is a solution that many governments and local councils around the world are already embracing and the fenomenon is known as the “Last-Mile solution”

We ask you….. Why use 1 Tonn of metal (in the case of a car) to move 1 average person, lets say 12 stone, for distances of less than 10 miles?. The cost and damage to the environment far outweigh the benefit of using this type of transport

Forget about traffic jams and the difficulty of finding a place to park and embrace the revolution of light electric vehicles. You will love it and you will gain a healthier and less costly lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint. We changed to electric in 2010 and since then every day, we are more convinced that the future is light electric vehicles.

ASOVEL is registered in the national register of associations in Spain: under Group 1, section 1 with the national number 609765 and ID G-66768714