Joint Exploratory Committee Communication Site

Welcome to the Joint Exploratory Committee (JEC) website, where members of Good Shepherd's, Jordan and Woodlawn can come to keep up to date on the Committee's work. The purpose of the JEC is to explore ways the three congregations can work together more efficiently to spread God's word throughout our joint ministry areas. The site will be updated with information as the JEC meets.

A little history: the three congregations had similar discussions in the 1990's regarding each congregation's schools, which ended in the merger of Jordan and Woodlawn into Lamb of God. At that time, each congregation decided to remain independent regarding their church ministries, with Jordan and Woodlawn cooperating regarding elementary education. This is an extension of those discussions by the next generation of church leaders.

Additional information about the JEC's work can be found on the following pages:

Please also see links to each of the church and school websites below:

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