2019 Course Catalog

Please click on links above to access course offerings. When viewing course by grade level use the grade level your child is currently in. Please know class times and offerings depend on the number of students who register. Some courses or times may not be offered due to enrollment.

Summer School in the Ashwaubenon School District provides opportunities for children who wish to enrich and enhance their experiences beyond the regular school year. It also provides opportunities to explore new learnings. It also offers learning situations for students needing basic instruction and/or remediation in academic areas.


  • Assist students who wish to expand the knowledge and skills acquired during the regular school year.
  • Assist students who have difficulty in specific subjects by offering classes to meet individual needs and reinforce basic skills.
  • Challenge students with opportunities in areas not available during the regular school year.
  • Help improve the student’s general attitude toward school, to lead to greater educational achievement.
  • Allow students to explore areas in which they might not otherwise enroll.
  • Allow the teachers and the administration to explore and experiment with new methods and materials.


For more information about summer school e-mail summerschool@ashwaubenonk12.org or call Maria Arena (448-2875, ext. 7002), Andy Bake (492-2935, ext. 3002), Colleen Hansen (492-2945, ext. 4303) or Katie Senger (492-2935, ext. 3331).


Most classes will be held at Parkview Middle School and Ashwaubenon High School. Ready for Kindergarten? (A4K–4 year-old and 5 year-old Kindergarten) will be held at Cormier School. In a few cases the location will not be known until after registration. Parkview Middle School — 955 Willard Dr. Ashwaubenon High School — 2391 S. Ridge Rd. Cormier School and Early Learning Center — 2280 S. Broadway


Wednesday, June 12 - Thursday, July 11.

There will be no school on Thursday, July 4 or Friday, July 5.

Daily schedule:

Classes are held Monday through Friday in 90-minute periods. Class times - Parkview & AHS: 1st period — 8:30-10 am 2nd period — 10:15-11:45 am Special Class times -- Cormier: Ready for Kindergarten? & Ready for 4K? — 8:45-11:30 am


Students may bring a snack which can be eaten during the break between class sessions.


Students may wear casual dress during the summer session. It is expected that clothing worn be neat, clean, and appropriate for school purposes. Students must wear shoes.


Bicycles must be locked securely in the bicycle racks at the school. Attendance: Regular attendance is expected of students enrolled in Summer School.


Transportation for summer school is provided by Lamers for a fee. See details and bus schedule at the Ashwaubenon School District website. Students are also able to take Green Bay Metro buses for free.

Reporting an absence:

In the event of an absence, please call the school in which the student attends class(es): Ashwaubenon High School — 492-2950 Parkview Middle School — 492-2940 Cormier School and Early Learning Center — 448-2870 Students with unexcused absences may be dropped from Summer School after a parental conference. Students who display behavior that results in the disruption of the educational process may be dropped from school after sufficient warning and parental notice from the principal. State aids are based on students’ daily attendance.