Mrs. Angelo's Reading Room

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This site was created as a resource for students and parents to view information about Mrs. Angelo's Reading classes at Ashland Middle School (room 107 ). She can be contacted via email - - or via phone at 508-881-0167. If she is unavailable immediately, she will return your call or message as soon as possible. She stays after school on most Mondays until 3:15 for those who need extra help in Reading. Please schedule these help sessions in advance, if possible.

Many parents and students wonder if they will be behind in World Language when they get to high school. If they sign up for the CP1 class, they wil not be behind. Reading and writing well in all of their other Middle School and high schol classes is essential. Unfor

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This class supports students who are having difficulty with reading, including vocabulary, comprehension and strategies for understanding what they read, fluency, and writing.Classes are small. There are updates and ideas to help your student improve his or her reading on this website, and some book ideas that might be interesting - matching readers to an interesting book is the best way to help them learn to enjoy reading.

Each group has been focusing on word identification and vocabulary, and they just finished a unit on "making connections. Next, they will be using figuative language to identify and use :similies, metaphors, hyperbole, idioms and personification.

Mrs. Angelo uses Massachusetts' 2017 Curriculum Framework for K-12 English Language Arts and Literacy as well as researched reading strategies to structure her classes. The overall objective for each specific lesson is always posted in Mrs. Angelo's classroom, which changes throughout the year.

Mrs. Angelo's Reading classes are pass/fail. Participation - in-person and/or virtually - is the most important part of each student's class grade (50%). Students also receive 25% of their Reading grades from quizzes, and 25% from in-class activities.

It would be best if reading occurs every day outside of the classroom. Just getting in the habit of opening the book and reading for awhile will help this habit develop. Parents frequently ask if reading with their students, especially at this age, is okay or necessary. The answer to the question is: Yes, absolutely. Having your student read a page out loud to you, then you read aloud a page, then just discussing it makes this one of the most valuable ways to increase your student's proficiency - and it is fun! For more information on this, please check out the following links: The 7 Strategies of Effective Readers / Books That May Interest Your Middle School Reader.