Unified Arts @ AHS

The Unified Arts Department at Ashland High School is dedicated to providing each student with an opportunity to explore, thrive, and excel in an artistic field of their choosing. UA at AHS encompasses several disciplines including: Studio Arts, Digital Arts, Drama, Music, Makerspace & Computer Science. Through a rigorous course development process, the UA departments is able to offer students over 40 selections ranging from introductory courses such as Intro to Drawing, and Theater Arts I, all the way through more advanced studies such as AP Computer Science Principles, and Honors Directing. We are proud to offer quality programs during and after school for our makerspace, theater, music, and arts interested students.

New Courses!

The 2018-2019 school year promises to be an exciting one. We are adding three new courses to our offerings and we are making significant changes in a few areas. As the Ashland Innovation Center is now fully up and running, we felt it was a good opportunity for us to expand our makerspace offerings.

  • MAKE - Making Authentic K-12 Education is a new honors level Makerspace course. Students in this course will be mastering the tools of the makerspace while designing and developing lessons for our after school middle and Mindess programs that take place in the AIC. Many students in the class will also be able to collect volunteer hours by becoming Makerspace Mentors in the after school programs.
  • CREATE - This new course from the digital arts department will give students an opportunity to design 2D and 3D art that can be fabricated on one of our many machines in the Ashland Innovation Center. Students will learn the software and hardware as well as design techniques to bring their creations from the computer to the real world.
  • Music Around the World - Our newest music course will be bringing music genres and influences from around the world into our AHS music classroom. Not only will students get a chance to learn about the impact of music on cultures beyond our own, but they will also get an opportunity to explore designing original instruments in the makerspace and perform under the direction of our music and chorus teacher.
  • Another change will include expanding our current full year introductory computer science course (Exploring Computer Science) and Game Design course into four new introductory semester courses (Discover CS series) of computer science that will allow students to more deeply explore four different topics of interest: Web Development, Game Development, App Development, and AI & Automation exploration.


You can easily get in touch with teachers using our official APS email addresses which can be found in the district directory.

Also, many of our teachers use Twitter to share what is going on in the classroom and to communicate out important information. Visit our Twitter page here.

General questions about the Unified Arts Department at Ashland High School can be directed to Department Liaison, Chad McGowan, cmcgowan@ashland.k12.ma.us.