Welcome to Eagle Nation! These pages are for students who have already APPLIED and who have been ACCEPTED to our program.

If you haven't already submitted your application at https://apply.ashland.edu/apply/, please do so now and wait for your acceptance email before attempting to complete any of the next steps listed at this site.

This site is your instruction manual to get started in CCP. Please take an active role in ensuring a smooth entry to the program by thoroughly reviewing this site and bookmarking it for future reference. There are six pages: Home, Your Account, Register, Textbooks, Resources, and News & Events.

You may take courses at any or all of these locations:

AU Main Campus

"Synchronous" courses (those that meet at a set time) can be purely face-to-face, or they may be "hybrid," meaning they have face-to-face meetings, as well as an additional online component.


These courses are "asynchronous" or "fully online," meaning they do not have meetings at a set time. (Although there are deadlines for assignments!) Find a partial list of options at ashland.edu/ccp-online.

Through Your H.S.

High schools can pre-select courses to offer to their students. They can be face-to-face courses in a classroom taught by an approved high school teacher or an AU professor. Your high school can also reserve blocks of "seats" in online courses.

Advising Session

ALL NEW students are REQUIRED to attend an advising session prior to course registration. See your acceptance email for a signup link.

Welcome Kit

NEW CCP students who attend an IN-PERSON advising session will receive an extra gift in their Welcome Kit. (We think you'll like it!)


Campus orientation is in August. Please RSVP for a date, here: apply.ashland.edu/portal/ccp_orient

Your Advisor

My name is Carla Coon. I'm the CCP Program Manager and I serve as your advisor. ccoon@ashland.edu 419.207.6965 | Center for Arts 213

CCP Basics

CCP Basics

IMPORTANT: Invite your parents to review these slides. Learn about the federal FERPA law and the benefits and risks of taking CCP courses.

(13 slides)

$1000 Scholarship!

All high school students enrolled in AU College Credit Plus (CCP) courses who matriculate directly from high school into a bachelor's program during 22/FA or 23/FA will receive a one-time $1000 stackable scholarship ($500, 1st semester; $500, 2nd semester). This is in addition to any other aid awarded.