Stationery Lists

Team Stationery Lists

Ruahine Pack 1 Stationery List 2018 (Rms 5,10,11,12) - PDF.pdf
Ruahine Pack 2 Stationery List 2018 (Rms 13,14,15) - PDF.pdf


ROOMS 5,10,11, 12 NE/Yr1


ROOMS 13,14,15 Yr 2

Turanga Stationery 2018 (Rms 16,17,18,19) - PDF.pdf
Tararua Stationery 2018 (Rms 6,7,8,9) - PDF.pdf
Wharite Stationery 2018 (Rms 1,2,3,4) - PDF.pdf


ROOMS 16,17,18,19 (Year 3/4)


ROOMS 6,7,8,9 (Year 4/5/6)


ROOMS 1,2,3,4 (Year 6/7/8)

Ashhurst School BYOD Requirements

Ashhurst School has a voluntary BYOD device programme. The specials we have been provided to Ashhurst School have been listed below. A reminder that children in Years NE-Yr 6 can only bring an iPad, however in Years 5/6/7/8 children are able to bring iPad, Laptop or a chrome book. Please check out the schools BYOD procedure for more details. Click here for details NAG 1 under ICT

APPS for the BYOD Programme

All children that are bringing their own device from home must bring the following app loaded on their ipads. A reminder that all children should sign a BYOD agreement before they bring their device. These are for iPads only. There are no set apps for any laptops brought into school in the Year 7/8 Programme

Ashhurst Apps