This page is created for all children to be able to register for any sports or cultural activity. If you are wanting to register your child, please fill in the appropriate form. A reminder that all fees must be paid before children take part in the activity. Uniforms will not be released until payment has been made. Please see the teacher in charge if you have any questions. Their email addresses can be found in the About us - Staff column of this site.

ICAS Registrations

This year we are offering the option for all students in Years 4 to 8 to participate in ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools). ICAS provides an opportunity for all Year 4 – 8 students to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external testing situation. These assessments are suitable for students who show particular strengths in these areas. Please note that some content might not have been covered in class. Students can choose to do one or more tests, they do not need to sit all assessments, as they may not be equally confident across these curriculum areas.

A reminder that entries and payment for ICAS Tests are due by Friday, June 7. Payment must be received before your child/children will be entered. This closing date allows our school to manage the registration and administration of these tests.

Tests are administered on the following dates. There will be a catch-up day for those who are absent.

AREA Exam Date Price

Digital Technologies: Thursday 03 Sept $15.00

Science: Thursday 05 Sept $15.00

Writing: Thursday 10 Sept $15.50

English: Thursday 17 Sept $15.00

Mathematics: Thursday 19 Sept $15.00

Please click on the link below to complete the Registration Form

Click on the link above to fill in the ICAS Registration form