A school that fosters and develops confident citizens who have pride in themselves, in their school and in our community.

School Values

We pride ourselves on our school values. Everything we do relates to these values.


We will encourage children to:

  • take responsibility for their own actions
  • look after property and possessions
  • live by our school values
  • values themselves as learners
  • do their best at all times
  • look after each other


We will encourage children to:

  • demonstrate manners and courtesy
  • demonstrate positive and responsible attitudes towards their physical, mental, social and emotional needs
  • show tolerance, open-mindedness and sensitivity
  • build positive relationships and show compassion for others
  • use strategies to deal with discrimination, prejudice and bullying


You will see:

  • a priority on academic excellence
  • best practice in teaching and learning by dedicated and passionate teachers
  • innovative teaching programmes
  • high standards in personal presentation and behaviour
  • children learning strategies to enable them to persist in the face of difficulties
  • a supportive, caring environment which promotes self-worth and respect
  • appropriate programmes which will develop independence, enjoyment and success for all
  • programmes which foster goal setting and decision making


You will see:

  • children being encouraged to stick to a task
  • teachers encouraging children to do their best
  • risk taking
  • children seeing setbacks as a challenge
  • children striving for quality
  • high expectations from teachers
  • an encouraging and supportive climate
  • achievement recognised
  • peer and self assessment.