School Hours

9:00 - 10:30 -Block One

10:30 - 10:50 - Morning Tea

10:50 - 1:00 - Block Two

1.00-1.50 - Lunch

1.50-3.00 - Block Three

Friday Timetable

9:00-10:30 - Block One

10:30-10.55 Morning Tea

10:55-12:30 Block Two

12:30-1:20 Lunch

1:20-3:00 Block Three

Office Information

Hours: 8.00am - 3.30pm


Marcia Beaumont-Smith

Office Manager

Colleen Davies

Executive Officer

Carolyn Dredge

Office Support

Term Dates 2021

Term 1

Wednesday 4 February -Friday 16 April

*8 February - Waitangi Day

*Good Friday 2 April

*Easter Monday 5 April and Tuesday 6 April

*Teacher Only Day Wednesday 7 April

Term 2

Monday 3 May - Friday 9 July

*Queen's Birthday Monday 7 June

Term 3

Monday 26 July- Friday 1 October

Term 4

Monday 18 October - Wednesday 15 December

*Labour Day Monday 25 October

General Information


Parents are asked to contact the school no later than 9.15am (by phone or internet) if their child is absent. We try to contact parents/caregivers of children who are absent without notification, in order to check that all children are safe. If a child is late to school they must check into the office before going to class.


In the event of your child being involved in an accident at school which causes us concern, we will, if necessary arrange for medical attention and notify you immediately.

Please make sure that we always have your up-to-date telephone number, and an emergency back-up number.


Assemblies are usually held on every second Friday throughout the Term beginning at 2:00pm. Classes are rostered to host assemblies in order for every class to have this opportunity. Ask your child’s teacher when their class is rostered.

Bus Service

At the time of enrolment please indicate if you believe you are eligible to use the school bus. Children living a certain distance from the school must qualify for this service. Please complete the appropriate form which is available from the school office.

Behaviour Management

Ashhurst School prides itself on providing a “Happy and Safe” environment.

We have a Behaviour Management system in place to reward positive behaviour and, when necessary, issue consequences for children who break school rules. Each term a Right Choice day is run for those who have chosen to display positive behaviours during the term. Children who make good choices will be involved in either a major or a minor right choice.

Buddy Classes

At the beginning of each year buddy classes are assigned. Classes share time together on a regular basis throughout the year.


We acknowledge that cell phones are a part of our everyday life but they are disruptive if used in class and can cause problems between individuals at other times. If your child must bring a cell phone to school they must either give it to their teacher to hold onto during the school day or hand it into the office where it will be kept in a locked cupboard. If your child persists with using their phone while at school it will be taken off them and parents will be contacted to collect it from the school office.


We have a network established throughout the school using Apple compatible computers. All classes have access to a range of software and research media which can be accessed on the classroom computers. We have approved site access for pupils to the Internet and an internet users form is completed at the beginning of each year.


We encourage parents to raise any concerns in regards to your child’s progress or welfare. In the first instance please see your child’s teacher. If you feel that you require some time to discuss your concern, ring the office to arrange a suitable convenient time. Team Leaders may also be approached to discuss more complex issues.

Contacting Staff

All members of the staff are able to be contacted by email or you can ring the school between 8.30 and 9 am or after 3 pm.

Cycling and Scootering to School

Bikes and scooters may be stored in the area by the caretakers shed. Children must obey the road rules and this includes the compulsory wearing of a cycle helmet. Due to the heavy foot traffic before and after school, children are asked to walk their bikes and scooters while in school grounds and surrounding foot paths.

It is recommended by the police that children under the age of 10 are accompanied by an adult.

Education Outside the Classroom

We have a policy of involving the students in Outdoor Education. For several years, we have sent our Wharite team to Curious Cove in the Marlborough Sounds for up to five days. Our Tararua Team enjoys time at Makahika Outdoor Pursuit Centre in Levin. Our Turanga team enjoys 1-2 nights at Highland Home in our beautiful Pohangina Valley. Our Ruahine Team “sleepover” in our school hall is also held during our camp week.

Educational Trips

We pride ourselves on offering additional opportunities for our children. If your child is involved in a trip, an information letter will be provided by the school or class containing all the relevant information. At the beginning of the year permission is gained for trips within walking distance of the school.


The school has a Facebook page that is updated regularly with information about school events.

The school website is a great source of information about the school in general, including events, a calendar and staff contacts.


The old saying ‘you are what you eat’ applies just as much to your child as it does to the rest of the family. Your child needs lots of energy during their primary/intermediate school years to help them cope with a lot of physical activity and development, as well as learning. Regularly consuming healthy food and drinks not only improves your child’s overall health but can help their learning and behaviour as well.

Our school has the nationally recognised “Health Promoting School” status. This means we work hard to ensure children have a healthy environment which includes fitness and healthy food options.

Head Prefects

There are 2 Head Prefects and 2 Deputy Prefects selected at the conclusion of the previous year. Head Prefects and Deputy Head Prefects are part of our whole and senior student council and are involved in the running the Student council throughout the year.

House Leaders

There are 2 house leaders for each of the Ashhurst School Houses (Arawa, Aotea, Tainui, Takatimu) House Leaders are part of our whole and senior student council and are involved in the running of House events and school events throughout the year.

Lunch Passes

To leave the school grounds at lunchtime students must have a Lunch Pass. Lunch Passes will be issued only after a note or phone call from the parent/caregiver has been received. Lunch passes can be obtained from the School office.


We have a sick bay, which is available for first aid, and as a place for ill or injured children to wait for parents to collect them. In case of sickness we will get in touch with you if children need to go home.

We have visits from the Public Health Nurse, and she will contact you if there are matters needing further attention.

If your child is showing symptoms of illness we encourage you to keep your child at home.


At the beginning of each year we ask you to complete a form giving permission to administer panadol from the school office to your child if required. Other than panadol, only medication prescribed by a registered practitioner can be administered at school.

A consent form must be completed at the office by the parent / caregiver.


Newsletters keeping parents/caregivers fully informed of all school events and happenings are sent home regularly. The usual newsletter day is a Thursday. This is a very important way of communicating with you. We also have a school website that you can check for information and news – Where possible we prefer to email newsletters.

Parent Help

A large group of parents are involved in a variety of ways in helping our school. We welcome assistance from parents / caregivers and other community members in such activities as:

In-class assistance (e.g. reading)

Outdoor education

School trips

Managing or coaching sports teams

Making classroom equipment

If you have time to spare and would like to be involved please contact your child’s class teacher.

From time to time other people work in the school for a variety of reasons i.e. Massey University College of Education students, Public Health Nurse, Police,


From time to time photos with pupils at work or around the school may appear on school publications or local newspapers (this booklet, web page, flyers, Evening Standard, Tribune etc). If you would like to exclude your child from being in any such photograph, please indicate this on the form provided at the beginning of the year.

Reporting to Parents

Written reports on pupils' progress are provided at the end of Term Two and Four with Three-Way Conferences occurring in Term One and Term Three.

Road Patrols

Senior pupils are selected for the patrol on the Cambridge Avenue crossing. Patrols function from 8:30am to 8:55am before school, and from 2:55pm to 3:10pm after school. These children are trained by our local Police Education officer at the beginning of each year.

School Hosts

School Hosts are trained at the beginning of the year to be able to greet and lead visitors around our school. Hosts are responsible for representing the school in a positive manner and have knowledge and understanding about the school and its direction.

School Lunches

Pupils may order their lunches from the office. Orders are placed in an envelope with the money sealed inside and the order written on the outside, along with child's name and shop name. Bought Lunches are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. Lunch orders must be placed at the office no later than 9:00am on these days.

School Wide and Class Responsibilities

Individual children will be given the opportunity of additional responsibility both within the class and around the school. These responsibilities are at the discretion of the team and the classes as required.

Senior Student Council

The Senior Student Council is made up of the House Leaders, The Student Council Leaders, the Cabinet Holders of the Council as well as the Wharite class representatives. This group meets on alternate weeks to the whole council and is involved in leadership development, along with enrichment projects around the school and wider community.


All pupils take part in Physical Education and sporting activities. Involvement in Phys. Ed. during school time is compulsory. All teams are involved in swimming, athletics, fitness, and ball sports throughout the year. Many sporting role models are used during the year to encourage children to be involved and active in every day life.

We operate a range of sports teams where students can represent Ashhurst School

  • TeeBall

  • Softball

  • Cricket

  • Hockey

  • MiniBall

  • Netball

  • Badminton

  • Touch

  • Volleyball

  • Equestrian

Clubs organise their own teams for other sports codes, such as athletics, rugby, tennis and soccer.


Stationery may be purchased from the School office at very competitive prices.

Student Council

This is a group of children who gather once a fortnight to discuss important issues regarding the effective running of the school. The council is made up of the House Leaders, Senior Student Council members and representatives from each class. We have 2 student council leaders who run the meeting and organise the council.


In the swimming season, all children take part in swimming instruction unless excused by a note from you. Named clothing is essential, and independence in changing is appreciated. The pool is filtered and maintained in top condition throughout the summer. PLEASE REMEMBER that even when the weather is cool, the teacher will make a decision if there is swimming or not, so swimming gear should be sent along EVERY DAY.

Sun Hats

The wearing of approved sunhats is compulsory during Term 1 & 4 (after Labour Weekend) in any outside activity. An approved sunhat is one which protects the face, ears and back of the neck. e.g. bucket hat or legionnaire’s hat. If your child does not have an approved sunhat, they will be asked to sit in a designated area.


We cannot guarantee the safe keeping of valuables and toys brought to school. All valuables and toys brought to school are done so at your own risk.


Ashhurst School has a school uniform which can be purchased from Academy Apparel on Broadway Avenue. All children are expected to wear a school uniform in accordance with the School Uniform policy. In addition to uniform the following is not permitted:

Makeup including nail polish.

Jewellery except for a wrist watch and a pair of plain studded earrings

or small plain sleepers.

For Health and Safety reasons we also expect children to have hair below their shoulders tied back.

Excessive hair product. Hair must be natural and presentable.

Wharite children will be expected to wear covered shoes for Technicraft. Sunglasses are also encouraged - however, school does not accept responsibility for the care of these.