About Ashhurst School

Ashhurst is a state co-educational full primary school. Ashhurst School began as a two-room country school in 1879 and in the intervening years has grown to a roll of 490. Children come from urban and rural backgrounds, being drawn from both within the Ashhurst Township and the surrounding farmland. The rural children come by bus from the Pohangina Valley. The children come from a very wide range of socio-economic backgrounds, but the overall mix tends to be balanced. There is a roll turnover of around 20% per year. Although we have a growing roll, our focus and pedagogy are based on small class sizes, and high 1 to 1 teacher interaction with their classroom teacher. We are a world-leading school, with our flipped curriculum. We were one of the first primary schools in the world to flip their curriculum. To learn more about this come in and have a chat to our school principal!

The town has both a Kindergarten and Play Centre so most children arrive at Ashhurst School with pre-school experience and established relationships. A small number of Māori children have attended the Kohanga Reo in Palmerston North. Our Māori children represent approximately 20% of the roll.

Our school is a community of learners who respect and value each other and our place in Ashhurst, our environment and the wider world.

At Ashhurst School every decision is based on;

“How does this affect the learning of our students”

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