SF Pride Parade

Please note: due to the current coronavirus physical distancing recommendations, the 2020 SF Pride Parade has been cancelled. Instead, read on for ways to show off your pride from home!

Building an Ace SF History Archive: Send us your Pride Photos and Stories!

In 2009, Asexuality SF (then a local meetup group organized through the Asexual Visibility and Education Network) became one of the first asexual groups ever to march in a pride parade, kicking off an annual tradition that has continued for over 10 years. While some of the story of that first march was recorded in the (a)sexual documentary, much of the rest of our history remains recorded.

As part of a larger history and archiving project, we want to start by sending out a call for submissions for any photos, videos, stories, or memories of past local pride celebrations - whether it's the big June pride in SF, the smaller September pride in Oakland, or other local pride events elsewhere in the bay area. Ideas of things to submit could include:

  • Video of past pride marches
  • Pictures of past pride marches
  • Personal stories of marching in pride
  • Personal stories of watching pride marches (on the streets or on tv)
  • Written or recorded statements of your experiences of pride
  • Written or recorded statements of what pride means to you
  • Written or recorded statements of why pride is important (the event, or the spirit)

To submit your files, shoot us an email at info@asexualitysf.org! Also, consider letting us know if there are any images or recording that you would be comfortable having shared with the media as part of future projects.

Show Off Your Pride From Home + On Your Streets

While it's not advisable for us to gather all in one place right now, we can still show off our pride wherever we are! In lieu of a big parade on Sunday the 28th, consider one of the following ways to show off your pride that day instead:

  • Display an ace flag, rainbow flag, or other flag of your choice in your window or front yard (if you don't have a flag already, you can always use a file like this to print out a paper version!)
  • You could also show off your art skills by making a sign with your asexiest pride slogans for your window, lawn, or a nearby telephone pole
  • Alternatively, make some tiny toothpick flags for your dinner, desert, or dolls
  • In the mood to get all dressed up fancy? Break out your best pride gear, and dress fit for a parade, whether it's a parade to the grocery store, a park nearby, or even just from one end of your house to the other!

If you do take any of these actions, we'd love to see your photos! If you have anything to show off, drop a link in our discord chat or facebook group, or drop us a line at info@asexualitysf.org!

Join us in the Ace SF Discord and Facebook Group

While we may not be able to meet up in person yet, we're still active online - including online voice-chat versions of our regular monthly meetups!

Plus, you're always welcome to chat with us between events on our Discord chat or join other local aces on our facebook group.

Check out TAAAP's Pride Chats Online

The Ace and Aro Advocacy Project has been hosting a series of online "pride" chats every Saturday and Sunday this month, where users can gather in discord text and voice chats to discuss specific topics of interest to Ace and Aro communities - upcoming topics include intersectionality, gender, issues aces and aros face, and activism and community building.

Check out the full list of topic descriptions and instructions on how to join.

Stay Safe, and Happy Pride!