Asexual Awareness Week

Asexual Awareness Week 2018 is October 21nd-27th!

Asexual Awareness Week is an international campaign that seeks to educate about asexual, aromantic, demisexual, and grey-asexual experiences and to create materials that are accessible to our community and our allies around the world.

To learn more about the origins of Asexual Awareness Week, check out

To learn more about how you too can help participate in Asexual Awareness Week, read on below!

Take the Ace Community Survey

The ace community survey is an annual community-run survey which collects valuable information on the diversity and experiences of the ace community. It is the largest survey of ace communities and creates a valuable pool of data for future ace community activists and researchers.

The survey is open to anyone: ace, non-ace, or still questioning, as long as you are over the age of 13 we want to hear from you! We want to get a wide variety of responses from as many parts of the community as possible, so we encourage you to share this link with any other ace individuals you know or any ace communities you participate in.

The 2018 Ace Community Survey link will launch mid-week during AAW.

Make a request at your local library

Checking out a book from your local library is a great way to learn more asexuality and support your local library at the same time! If your local or university library doesn't already have ace books in stock, you can also place a request either by contacting a librarian directly or through their website, to help ensure that ace representation will be accessible to those who need it.

We've gathered a list of some of our favorites below:



Participate in an Asexual Awareness Week Fandom Challenge

View the official Fandom Challenge Prompt post from physicsandfandoms here.

This is a tradition that started as part of Asexual Awareness Week back in 2014 that I’d like to see continue. Back in 2014 there were only a handful of canonical asexual characters, and none of them were in mainstream media. In the past four years we’ve seen that number grow, and characters enter more mainstream comics, books, and shows! By no means is asexual representation plentiful, but it is getting better. With that in mind this year I would like to continue to celebrate canonically asexual spectrum characters, as well as generating more content for asexual spectrum headcanons.

You’re welcome to respond to these prompts in any way you’d like, art, fic, edits, meta, etc. Feel free to interpret these prompts loosely and adapt this as you please. As in past years, the tag is #AAWFC

Sunday October 21st: Post about canonically asexual spectrum characters, and/or what you would like to see in future asexual representation.

Monday October 22nd: For canonical or headcanoned asexual spectrum characters, what relationship do they have with their identity? Are they out and proud? How did they discover their identity?

Tuesday October 23rd: Post about characters that you headcanon as asexual.

Wednesday October 24th: For canonical or headcanoned asexual spectrum characters, how does their identity affect their life and relationships?

Thursday October 25th: Post about characters that you headcanon as demisexual or grey-asexual.

Friday October 26th: For canonical or headcanoned asexual spectrum characters, how do their other identities interact with their asexual spectrum identity? (i.e. romantic orientation, race, culture, gender, religion, etc.)

Saturday October 27th: Post about a romantic or queerplatonic/quasiplatonic relationship in fiction that you see as having one or more asexual spectrum partner(s).

If you do write fanfic, @esperata has started a collection on AO3 here!

And while you're at it, check out angstplatter's additional prompt suggestions for more inspiration, including potential genres, settings, conflicts, words, and more!

More Ways to Get Involved

Looking for other ways to help spread awareness of asexuality? Here's some ideas for things you can do: