About the Competition

Live Free & Design is a design competition for high school students in New Hampshire. Coordinated through the NH Center for STEM Invention, it seeks to bring together students from around the state to design solutions for problems facing students, their communities, and beyond. Each year, the competition will have an orienting focus or idea that students will need to incorporate into their design proposal and final product. The Challenge Focus and prize for winning the competition can be found below.

Finalist Kyra R. discussing the issue that drove her project on hydrogen fuel cells.

2019-2020 Challenge Focus

Each year the focus changes. This year the Challenge Focus is "Inquiry." While there is a central focus, this can lead down many paths and interpretations.

For example, a focus of "Connection" could lead to the following variety of projects:

  • Coded app prototype designed to connect students to local resources for things like research, tutoring, academic help
  • Design Portfolio for low-cost transportation network to connect rural communities in NH with regional healthcare centers
  • Lab Report for experiment that examined the connectivity and efficiency of lead-free solder materials versus common lead solder in order to reduce environmental contamination

Why Compete?


With judges coming from various parts of the state, this is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and talent for a variety of professionals, as well as build up your portfolio for college.


The grand prize winner will receive a cash prize of $1000 from a corporate sponsor.


This a great opportunity to meet fellow students from around the state who also have a passion for STEM, innovation, and discovery.