I am so excited to be returning to Rogers Park and Airport Heights this year! We will be exploring a variety of topics related to art history, aesthetics and criticism, art careers, and studio processes according to the following curriculum themes:

K - Art and Me

1st - Art In My World

2nd - Creating From Within Myself

3rd - Art and the Environment

4th- Art From Many Cultures

5th - Art as Communication

6th - Art's Impact on the World

Students in grades 1st-6th earn effort-based grades in Art.

Grades are based off of three main components:

Following Directions

Without reminders · Includes lesson objectives

· Clean-up & proper tool use

Craftsmanship & Work Ethic

Meets end of class goals · Best effort

· Thorough, thoughtful work

Class Participation & Behavior

Active listener · Respectful of others

· Encouraging & positive

Looking forward to a great year!

Contact Info:

Megan Henry


Airport Heights: (907) 742-4550

Airport Heights Website

Rogers Park: (907) 742-4800

Rogers Park Website

> Link to ASD Website

> Link to ASD Fine Arts and AK Fine Arts Standards

More to come...check back in soon!