6th Grade - Room 4 - Tudor Elementary - 2017-2018


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Curriculum: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Science & Social Studies

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Let's make a PB&J sandwich!

Directions written by the whole class.

  1. Open the bread bag
  2. Take out two slices of bread
  3. Pick up the peanut butter jar
  4. Open the jar
  5. Pick up the butter knife
  6. Scoop the peanut butter and spread the peanut butter on one slice of bread
  7. Pick up the jelly, open the jar
  8. Scoop some jelly and spread it on the other slice of bread
  9. Pick the bread up and placed the jelly and peanut butter together
  10. Finally cut it into any pieces you want and then eat it, yummy yummy!

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• Email: doore_marilyn@asdk12.org

• Telephone: 742-1050, please leave a message

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