East XC Running

Oct 3 Race Details

Open race venue time 10-12, race at 11:00; Junior Varsity venue time 12-2, race at 1:00; Varsity venue time 2-4, race at 3:00. All races at Kincaid stadium, same course as last week. Spectators please go out on trail...hardly anyone cheering at 1 km, 2 km, 3 km, 4 km. You can easily see a runner at 1.3 km, then again at 4.5 km, and avoid the stadium. Team tent will likely be west of stadium on a soccer field. No big meals closer than 2.5-3 hours before a race, so open kids should eat breakfast around 8-8:30, not later. Our team is small so if open runners or varsity/JV runners want to come early or stay late to watch others that is OK, but dress for the weather. Please watch other races from out on the course, and don't crowd the stadium. I will send actual start list when I get it (Thursday??). Course Map. Start Lists

What I would bring if I was racing: Uniform, warmup jacket and pants (no team pants yet). Optional East shirt if too cold for singlet, or for warming up or as a dry shirt after the race. Race shoes, especially if not your normal ones (some kids have spikes, but not necessary). Face mask and pocket hand sanitizer, water bottle, snack for after race. A phone if you need to call someone when you are done or if you are a typical teen and can't imagine a moment without it. Any medical equipment you need. A bag to put this stuff in. If it looks wet I would bring a raincoat also. $ if you want to buy a cool T-Bird mask (only size S left). Bring a smile and good attitude...we are fortunate we get to do an event!

Parents Please wear masks, 2 spectators/runner (little kids don't count for that), Please stay 10 ft away from non-family members and walk out on the course to watch. The stadium is for athletes, coaches and officials/volunteers only. No crowds. Can you help volunteer at regions? Here is a list of jobs.

Practice at 3:00 M-F by flagpole.

Bring a mask and you must be signed up. More detailed schedule posted. Make sure to dress for weather and hydrate and use a toilet before practice, as the building is closed to the kids pretty much. Kids can leave water bottles, jackets, and backpacks in my car while we run.

Place comparison for week 1 -3 races. Since course was longer this is maybe a better comparison than times.

subject to changes; all changes posted on east XC facebook page and sent via remind. Join them (see contacts).

Ask a coach about the purchases below. Team uniforms are checked out on loan, blue shirts are earned for races/10 practices in 2020.