Integrated Science 7

Hello Snow Leopards!

This site is designed to make our classroom accessible to you and your family at home. Click the "Forms" link to find our syllabus, safety contract, and Student Handbook if you have lost your copy. The "Assignment Calendar" link is for you and your family to see what is planned for the week ahead, and will be handy for keeping track of important dates like fun labs you don't want to miss or test days you need to prepare for.

Remember it is your responsibility to read the Student Handbook and keep track of any assignments you need to make up after an absence. In the Student Handbook, you will find the ASD policies for make up work after absences, expectations for using your own electronic devices on school grounds, expectations for riding the bus, services provided by the school nurse, and more.

As always, I am here for you! My hope is that 7th grade is the most fun, challenging, and successful year of school yet. You are the number one person who can make that happen, and I am here to help you along the way. Email is the fastest way to be in touch with me outside of class.

See you in class!

Mrs. Bierma