Meet the Counselors

The Belton-Honea Path High School Counseling Department is committed to providing a proactive, comprehensive, and developmental counseling program that impacts each student in the academic, career and social/emotional domains.

School Counselor

Wendy Ashley-Bobo

Last Names G-M

(864) 369-4400

School Counselor

Eric Vallecillo

Last names N-Z

(864) 369-4421

School Counselor

Sarah DiLella

Last Names A-F

(864) 369-4418

Career Development Facilitator

Tonya Locke

(864) 369-4406

Career Development Facilitator

Dee Brown

(864) 369-4546

Guidance Clerk

Kelly Bell

(864) 369-4451

Attendance Clerk

Amy Wurst

(864) 369-4405

School Nurse

Juli Galloway

(864) 369-4402