Technology Handbook

Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials for Digital Superheroes

Read critically.

Listen attentively.

Think carefully.

Speak clearly.

Write consciously.

Create vividly.

Share YOUR truth.

Learning Anywhere, Anytime

As a student in the Anacortes School District, you have been given a powerful tool to express your ideas and explore your creativity. With great tools come even greater responsibilities: we expect that you will use your powers for good, not evil; to learn and grow; to solve the world's wicked problems. Please use this Technology Handbook as a resource to guide you in developing your superpowers.

The Chromebook and your ASD account has been provided to you by your community. You'll use it daily to access learning materials provided by your teacher and engage in real-time inquiry based on your own interests. The Chromebook will act as a portal to the world at large--use it to research, collaborate, and produce digital artifacts to share with your friends, teachers, parents and community.

Tech Support

For support and questions regarding logins, laptops, or other equipment.

Hours: 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Help Desk Hotline:

(360) 503-1220