Lemur Protection

Hello! We are middle school students of the ASA (American School of Antananarivo), which is located in Madagascar. We are doing a service learning project, which is a way that students can work to help the community. We are the Animal Protection group, and we are helping to support and raise awareness for lemurs. We are working with Lemur Love, the Duke Lemur Conservation Center, Charles Welsh, AEECL, and the Lemur Conservation Network, which will be available in the Outside Contact page.

What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is a project that we do every year in different groups. We choose different ways to help the community whether it is by raising funds, awareness or even growing plants!

In addition to this informational website, we have created podcasts that air on our school's radio station, Lemur Radio. Please enjoy learning more about our efforts by listening to a podcast in English, French, or Malagasy. We hope you enjoy learning more about lemurs and the ways in which we are working to promote awareness and advocacy in Madagascar and beyond!