Recommended Reads

Looking for a new book? Here are some sites that may help.

Literary lists

Here are links to sites that we thought you'd find useful. A note to parents: we encourage you to exercise your own judgement about what is appropriate for your child. These lists are simply a guide to assist you in looking for that next great read. Happy reading! :)

The Scottish Book Trust provides suggestions relating to age, stage and subject. Click here above to visit this site.

The School Reading List offers suggestions for various age groups. Click here to visit their website.

Use the BookTrust Bookfinder to look for books that suit your tastes and interests. Click here to view.

S1 - S3 Reading Scheme

To support pupils in maintaining or developing a regular personal reading habit, Mackie Academy runs a reading homework scheme for all S1 to S3 pupils.

Pupils are expected to read in class and at home so that they can complete their reading dialogue journals, which allow them to discuss what they are reading with their teachers.

Class teachers take pupils to the school library once a fortnight to help them choose challenging and enjoyable books to read.

You can find out more about the BGE reading scheme below...

BGE Reading Scheme

All S1 to S3 pupils work on our BGE Reading Scheme, which is designed to support pupils in maintaining, or developing, an independent personal reading habit.

The scheme includes:

  • Fortnightly trips to the school library.
  • Pupils working towards weekly reading targets that they set for themselves.
  • 10 minutes of reading at the start of each English lesson.
  • Reading at home (recorded and monitored by parent / guardians).
  • Reading journals where pupils correspond with their class teacher about their reading.