Domain Name Scholarship for 2021 is open now!

Apply by March 8, 2021.

Letter to the Millennial Princess


This is the freaking 21st century and us, godmothers are here to ensure you get to the top. But for heaven's sake, don't ask us for a glass slipper when we wave our wands for you.

Be cool, and ask us for great 100Mbps internet, Super-fast laptops, chic business suits or a domain name to yourself.

Remember three things:

  • Save yourself when the story ends and learn to live happily ever after by yourself

  • Strong is the new pretty and

  • Thou shall be badass

We're waving our wands now...

Make your wish!


With love and sparkle,

#Thug Godmoms

The DNS Scholarship

Is this what you are thinking?

  • I have always wanted to create a personal website, but I never knew how to

  • I have a personal website on Github or free hosting but I could never afford a domain name

  • I hear people talk so much about personal branding, but I really don't understand why it is important.

If yes, this scholarship is for you!

What: Scholarship to get a domain name for your personal website

- The scholarship is awarded for female students or professionals who are aged between 18 and 30.

- Students or professionals in any discipline can apply - Tech, Art, Media, etc. No restrictions here.

- The application is open year long.

Amount: 1K per girl (Domain name worth maximum of INR 1000)

Number of scholarships awarded: (6) by patrons: Arya, Annie, Liyana, Sukriti, Rasmi, Ronika

Deadline: March 8, 2021 - Women's day

Results: March 15th, 2021

What you get if you win the scholarship

  • Domain name worth INR 1000 or below

  • Access to all Godmothers and the collective - This means you get to be part of the insider community

  • 1-1 mentorship and specific knowledge transfer based on your goals and requirements

What you get if you apply to the scholarship

  • Access to all the knowledge created and shared by the Godmothers

  • Information about all initiatives by the Godmothers

  • Support to ensure you put in a better application next time

Why should you get a domain name and build your own personal website?

  1. Own your space and voice on the internet

  2. Build your brand

  3. Improve your online presence to attract employers/recruiters

Don't worry, once you start applying, we will educate you about each of these pointers and how you can use your website to enhance your career growth and personal brand presence.

Will you teach us how to build a website?

We will definitely guide you. We have content on various methods in which you can build websites created and curated. Will be sharing that with you. We are also looping in coaches who can answer your website development questions and help you fast track.

However, we will not teach you or spoon feed you. We are there to help you at all steps, but you still have to learn and do it yourself.

What kind of content will you have access to?

  1. Everything about personal branding - why and how

  2. Guidance on navigating your career

  3. Salary Negotiation - Get your equal pay

  4. Lessons to you as you start your first few jobs

  5. Guidance on rising to leadership

  6. Dealing with chauvinists in the workplace

  7. Your rights in the workplace and laws to protect you (POSH)

  8. And more

Terms of the scholarship

1. You should have created a prototype website to which you will add the domain name and submit that website in the application form

2. You will sign the public promise and pass on the money, encouragement and support you receive

Application Process

Interest Form

Express your interest by filling the form below. Do this to get updates and help materials about the scholarship. You will also be prompted to fill the main application form when you fill the interest form.

Main Application Form

Fill the main application form through this link: Application Form - Domain Name Scholarship

Telegram Support Group

Join the Telegram Support Group to get help to build your website or fill the application form - Telegram Support Group

Interested in the scholarship?

Fill the form below and get access to a support group to help you apply.

Need help?

You have 2 ways to get more information or get help:

1. You can message us with any of your queries on Instagram and get a quick response.

2. You can email Arya who is curating this scholarship directly - Reach her at