International Music Education Policy Group

Music education is an integral component of participation in cultural life, itself a universal human right. Yet in most countries, quality music education is not accessible for all.

Although solutions to this are essentially local, bringing global and culturally diverse policy perspectives to bear on shared concerns will strengthen public policy and related actions on all levels. To date, knowledge exchange between policy-makers from different countries takes place only on an ad-hoc basis. In May 2018, the International Working Group on Music Education & Global Competence therefore called for a broader and more systematic music education policy dialogue among policy-makers from different countries.

The MEP Group, which is co-chaired by the Arts Council England and the Australia Council for the Arts, is being set up to bring together leading music education policy organizations from different regions and countries committed to advancing their field through global policy dialogue.

It offers these organizations, active at national or regional levels, an international platform to engage, network and learn:

Annual Meeting

- brings together decision-making, funding and advocacy organizations as well as invited specialists in the music education policy arena to discuss current challenges, trends and best practices

Annual Background Report

- will provide a succinct overview of the most relevant recent developments in the field of music education, including new legislation, policies, initiatives, statistics and research

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