The ICR Council Observatory acts as an international platform for knowledge building on timely issues in the international cultural relations sphere, including priorities underlying geographic and thematic key areas of international cultural cooperation, as well as methods of engagement and outreach


INITIATIVE ON CULTURAL RIGHTS & DEVELOPMENT | Consultation Meeting, 10 December 2018

The meeting will chart the way forward for the Council's Initiative on Cultural Rights & Development, which aims to build knowledge on measures that contribute to an effective implementation of cultural rights, particularly in international development cooperation and foreign affairs, with a view to contributing to a stronger recognition of cultural rights and a wider uptake of investments in related activities.

Background: General Comment on The Right of Everyone to Take Part in Cultural Life (Nr. 21, 2009) of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

CULTURAL NARRATIVES FORUM | Consultation, 18 December 2018

The Cultural Narratives Forum (CNF) aims to facilitate a global conversation among leading cultural institutions on how their cultural narratives promote intercultural understanding. For experts charged with taking these institutions forward, the CNF provides a space for reflecting on the stories they present, on the reasons for their selections, and on the possible consequences - and to relate this to a broader reflection on how their institutions promote understanding of an intercultural perspective of the world. The CNF explores, inter alia:

    • how these institutions formulate their own position as institutions tied into larger political and societal debates;
    • how these institutions are instruments for negotiating identity, cultural values and diverse narratives, both in response to a changing world and in their function as change agents
    • how they act as drivers for provoking thought and encouraging dialogue

Communicating Values in Today's Public Diplomacy Landscape | SUMMARY REPORT

ICR Council Meeting, The Hague, Netherlands

  • soft power priorities and actions
  • two-way communication and audiences
  • artistic co-productions
  • more...


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VOL. 40 (1) 2018 READ

In this issue:

  • China's Sharp Power
  • Russia Today's News Offensive

VOL. 39 (2) 2017

  • Turkey's Soft Power Push: The Maarif Foundation
  • DOSSIER: Cultural Values
  • China: Belt & Road Updates

VOL. 38 (1) 2017

  • Analysis of globalization, cultural diversity and education
  • How the digital world is changing how we conceive of soft power
  • Strategies of Iran's soft power