What's next for classical music?

CMA seeks to bring together unique insights

from across different institutions, systems and countries


A global platform, the CMA will work to more broadly contextualize key issues affecting the classical music world in relation to related cultural, social, economic and political questions; provide insights on our contemporary culture through the lens of the classical music microcosm; and produce reports and recommendations for policy- and decision-makers.


The CMA's new online innovation forum is a virtual learning and sharing community for music education and community outreach professionals interested in exchange with peers from across the globe. It currently comprises over 40 organizations, orchestras and concert halls from across the world.


Pinchas Zukerman has been calling for a global think tank for classical music. Like many in the field, he is concerned about some of the changes the art form is witnessing but strongly believes in its future and its relevance to our society.

With Pinchas Zukerman as Honorary Chairman, the Arts Investment Forum, an international knowledge-hub and meeting space for arts and culture, is working to set up this think tank.

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