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Address: 9045 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 | Website: | Phone: (310) 665-6905 | Email:

Admission: Free | Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10am - 5pm | Saturday - Sunday: 12pm - 4pm

Parking: Free parking is located in the structure on La Tijera Boulevard. Parking above ground level, no parking pass required for parking. For ground level Visitors Parking, obtain a parking pass from Security onsite, or pre-print pass at:

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About Ben Maltz Gallery

The Ben Maltz Gallery supports the artistic/cultural production of creative professionals and connects their work to the Otis community and the public at large through exhibitions, presentations, and publications. The Gallery—equal parts public forum, classroom, and laboratory—is an active academic partner on and off campus. Its expansive curatorial initiatives provide direct experience with artists/designers/curators/scholars and their work within an environment that fosters conversation, curiosity, visual literacy, critical thinking, individuality, collaboration, and social responsibility. Engaging in a wide range of contemporary art and ideas, the Gallery highlights work that pushes the frontiers of traditional form and subject matter while providing a contextual framework for interpretation, reflection, and understanding. Open free to the public year round, the Gallery serves Los Angeles’ vibrant art community and the City's diverse population, while acting as an important educational resource for students, faculty, and staff. It also reaches beyond the region by both originating and participating in national and international touring exhibitions and programs.

Gallery History

The Otis Gallery was the vision of artist Millard Sheets and opened in 1957 at the MacArthur Park campus in downtown Los Angeles. When the College moved to Westchester in 1997, the Gallery was temporarily housed on the ground floor of the Ahmanson Building until the Bronya and Andy Galef Fine Arts Center was completed in 2001. Los Angeles Architect Frederick Fisher designed a stunning 3,200 square foot exhibition space and it was christened the Ben Maltz Gallery.

Gallery Name

The Gallery is named in honor of Benjamin N. Maltz, father of Elaine Goldsmith (namesake of the Otis main campus), and prominent philanthropist. Maltz was a broker and founding Director and former Chairman of City National Bank in Beverly Hills. Ben Maltz had a strong belief in giving back to the community and he was a generous benefactor of many local and national charities. He passed this philosophy on to his children, one of whom is Elaine Goldsmith, a longtime member of the Otis Board of Trustees, and one of the College's major supporters.