Global Virtual Village


The Global Virtual Village will serve as the central meeting platform for the teachers and their pupils. It will be the place to upload, share and exchange experiences of using art in language teaching and language learning. It will also serve as the project's website.

On the Global Virtual Village of ARTinLAN, each art will have a "cottage" where the target language in the ARTinLAN project will have a room to exhibit pupils’ artistic productions and the experiences they had during ARTinLAN cross-piloting.

The cottage for teachers will likewise be divided into rooms, but these are focusing on the art they have used in their language teaching. Here the teachers can share their experience of using art as a medium for teaching foreign languages and they will be encouraged try each other’s methods.

Furthermore, there will be a news cottage, in which news about the project will be uploaded. It is also on this platform that the Online Event will take place.

The platform will be repository with the project's open educational resources (OER) and a Community of Practice for teachers across Europe, where they can exchange messages, videos, methodologies and news on teaching foreing languages in primary schools.

Visual Arts & Crafts



Creative Writing