The consortium consists of six partners from Poland, The United Kingdom, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Denmark. The ARTinLAN project partners complement each other, as they bring together experts within language teaching, artistic expressions and digital learning.

Videnscenter for Integration (VIFIN) is a knowledge and research center, located under the Department for Education and Learning at the Municipality of Vejle. It was established in 2002 to ensure a local municipal resource that could collect and process knowledge on integration, and to develop and implement projects and activities about integration, social development, education and internatio-nalization.

VIFIN creates, disseminates and main-streams good practice on integration and social development at the local, regional, national and international levels with the vision to be the leader in knowledge building, dialogue and innovation on integration and development. Within the field of development,

VIFIN’s core competences are development of digital material for learning, Danish as a second language, competence development of preschool educators and promoting entrepreneurship among migrants.


Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky PELICAN, s.r.o provides language education since 2002.

PELICAN was the coordinator of the Don’t Give Up project which won a 2010 European Language Label award. In addition to that, PELICAN has participated in a number of EU projects, including successful projects such as aPLaNet, PopuLLar, Multilingual Families, and Pools-3.

PELICAN has been mainly responsible for pedagogical aspects of European projects, especially in terms of research, design, and framework of teaching methods, training, and workshops. A particular focus has been on the development of digital, multimedia-rich teaching and learning materials.


SPOŁECZNA AKADEMIA NAUK (University of Social Sciences) is one of the leading private universities in Poland having 15.000 students and over 1000 academic staff. In the educational rankings, published by the influential national magazines our Academy is placed very high. There are 18 departments, including Culture Studies, Foreign Philology, Psychology and Sociology.

SAN is experienced in language education as it has Linguistic Department within University and it also runs „Multi Language Center” and „Clark Language Center” offering different types of language courses. The University of Social Science provides large dimension of the language practise. Our University ensures comprehensive philological education like fluent speaking of English language but also preparation from literature, linguistics and culture and versatile knowledge about English-speaking countries.University also has close contacts with primary and secondary schools in our region. Our university co-operates also with wide range of cultural organisations, associations and foundations as well as local and national Authorities.


Viksjöforsbaletten is a voluntary cultural organisation in the northern countryside of Sweden. The area is at risk of being abandoned (brain drain) and more girls than boys tend to leave due to freetime possibilities (lot of hunting, fishing, forestry hobbies, nature and motor sports, less of possible activies within the arts).

Viksjöforsbaletten focus on physical training (dance), aestethic expression (the art of dance) and inclusion.

In the two past years Viksjöforsbaletten has been involved with integrating newly arrived pupils (up to 40% in Viksjöfors school). When refugee/immigrant children joined classes without spoken words our dance teachers joined the introduction of lessons and after offered the alternative of dancing the curricular subject. So the development of learning Swedish was via bodylanguage. The result of this piloting is very good and now a model in all municipality.

The organisation is a member of Svenska Gymnastikförbundet.

Çukurova University is among the major universities in Turkey, and it is ranked at the first 500 in gradation of World's Universities. Çukurova University School of Foreign Languages (YADYO) was established under the name of Centre for Research and Application of Foreign Languages in 1989.

With its highly-qualified and experienced teaching staff, YADYO mainly provides an English preparatory program to undergraduate students who will study in English-medium instruction departments at Çukurova University.

YADYO was the coordinator of the Lingua 1 project ‘Languages from the Cradle’, and has participated in a number of EU projects including ARTinED, PopuLLar, RETAIN and MultiLib.


The Mosaic Art Sound Ltd. is a private company based in the UK.

It develops projects in two directions: education/culture and the arts. In the social field, The Mosaic designs and delivers activities to enhance human relationships, both for adults and children, disadvantaged groups and ethnic minorities.

In the area of education and culture, it is active in research and applications of music to enhance life at all levels and to integrate foreign language teaching.

The Mosaic staff developed research projects and applied the outcomes within formal and non-formal educational settings, through training courses and events.