Bring Your Own Beamer - Antwerp

(past) Friday 2 February 2024

BYOB Antwerp Visual by Kobe Wens

The Aftermovie

Discover the power of visual creativity at Bring Your Own Beamer 2024. On the 2nd of February 2024, KASKA DKO and VJBooking are once again joining forces for this unique event in Antwerp. Fresh opportunities, creative atmospheres and a series of workshops - let us introduce you to this new edition. ▸▸▸▸▸

What is BYOB?

BYOB is a free event that provides a stage for artists and lovers of visual art. Lose yourself in a world where (audio) visual installations come to life. 

Artists share their creations, ranging from VJ sets, mappings, videos, AR and VR to animations, by bringing their own projector or installation to the venue. The BYOB non-profit concept guarantees free admission for both visitors and artists, creating a vibrant atmosphere that focuses on creativity and connection.

The evening itself 

BYOB creates a relaxed and inspiring setting where original work can be discovered and new connections can emerge. The event is free to attend, with the doors swinging open to the public at 7pm. Artists can set up well before the start.

Enjoy the evening discovering many talents and have a drink at the bar. We hope to welcome you! 

Share the event with your fellow visual-lovers. 

How to participate? 

Simply register through our form and share your project and technical specifications with us.
After signing up, you will receive a confirmation and further details on how to set up your installation. 

Registration is open!

VJBooking: portfolio's & mappings
WORKSHOP | 30 January 2024, 19.00h

During this class founder of VJBooking Geert De Coninck will introduce you to his online portfolio platform for vj's and visual artists. VJBooking is a widespread, international network where artists can showcase their work and bookers can find the creative they need. Further, Geert will explore with you the basics of projection mapping.
This is an entry level workshop, encouraging everyone with a curiosity for the visual arts to participate.  

This talk is part of the training provided by KASKA DKO. Note that  the main language spoken during these presentations will be Dutch. Participation is free, please reserve your spot via mail:
Address: Blindestraat 35 in Antwerp (2000).

Meet the Artists

Manuela Anselmo
(Italy, born in ’98), is a young creative with a varied path, but has refined an agile approach in developing ideas.
Space, music and live performance are the basis of her work as a VJ within the Palermo clubbing scene.

Impulse Deviation
brings rich, complex fragmented images, layered graphic chaos. Geert Lenssens is a visual artist and VJ. He works more and more based on images created live.

Ives Jossa
Through a combination of photography & video, Ives Jossa allows an embryonic color pixel to grow and transform into a full-fledged image.

Mistral Guidotti
is aiming to bring attention to those who are typically overlooked or excluded.
In a documentary style, Mistral Guidotti follows a city nomad with an angelic voice echoing through the Brussels metro.

uses imagination and feelings as a source for art.  Her work is a way to  cope with them. 

Superview Tv
Superview Tv explores the intersection of old and new video media manipulation in response to the quest for 'ultra-realism.' Inspired by the textured, distorted aesthetics of used VHS films, we employ hardware and software to enhance these effects, embracing the term 'painting with pixels'.

makes realtime visuals and installations with touchdesigner.

values community and connection. Their current project Max is the result of collaborations, social influence and aims to make a warm connection with the audience.

presents post-photographic and digital work. 

Elphor Va
Neo-industrial music with video and live performances.

PVH Visuals

Free: the choice of a moving video projection for birds over a fixed one enhances the symbolism of freedom by conveying a sense of dynamism, immersion, natural behavior, exploration, escape from constraints, and unpredictability. It creates a more compelling and evocative representation of the concept of freedom.

Sam Pauwels
specialises in live audioreactive visuals.

Baue Vercammen &
Ann-Sofie Verhoyen
Baue (°2001) is a visual artist who is fascinated by the architectural elements that reside in interiors and the context around them. 

Interdisciplinary artist Ann-Sofie (°1999) brings imaginary worlds to life through live illustration, projection installations and video art. 

Tess Van Deynse
A neurodiverse non-binary person with autism. An out-of-the-box observer and perceiver of the world.  A visual thinker who turns everything perceptions into societal themes in image and sound. 

Stef Verhoeven
presenting Fractions_00. 

Drifter TV
is an audiovisual dance act that combines electro-acid beats with eyepopping colourful animations. Started out in 2000 as a duo, Drifter TV rocked the scene with their animated liveshow, ‘Drifters from outerspace’

Alfonso Losco
has positioned himself at the forefront of new projection standards applied to visual and stage design. He is a part of the “Zero generation” self-taught artists in Europe who have used projection mapping technology since 2007 to visually transform architectural buildings, making physical limits of video projection disappear. 

Anna Legenka
is a multi-disciplinary contemporary artist working in various mediums such as installation, video, painting, and digital art.

is a photographer with a love for graphics as a means to animate.

resonating with the world around me

Meditating on the beach in Valencia  Canopus got a vision of the greek god atlas and how he was struggling to carry the weight of the universe. He found himself feeling like nothing cared anymore. Except for finishing this piece - the one thing he could control. So that’s what he did for 3 months almost everyday.

Anantha Krishnan
Anantha's origin lies in India. He is a cinematographer and lighting operator, who recently finished his first short film on Kodak 35mm.

Pieter Van Goethem

Photographer & creative director

byWM is a visual artist from Neerpelt. Mostly known for his concert photos and portraits. Through corona his interest shifted towards lo-fi video and visuals and he started experimenting with analog video mixers from the 90ties and years 2000. Those mixers become instruments that manipulate photos and graphic images into unique visuals.

Marne Peters
Digiteyes is V2 of an installation  that separates white light patterns into their basic building bricks. In an almost mechanical way the mesh screens filter out their own colour. Unlike theater gels, the white light travels through each mesh unmodified. This installation was curated by nightlife collective "De Hut" for their first edition of De Hut Outdoor, which took place on the abandoned recycling depot of Bilzen.

John Connor

Setting the tone with his analog techno improvisations.

Laura Leonidovna Skvirskaya

is exploring the impact of home ownership on the sense of domestic security, particularly in the context of a childhood. she is interested in exposing people's connection to their physical spaces.


Visual artist with a focus on video synthesis and glitch textures. 

Jo Thielemans & Geert De Coninck

Jo Thielemans maakt een superpositie van de soundtrack voor een poolexpeditie en fragmenten van Schuberts liederencyclus Winterreise.  Pianosamples zweven rond krakerige ambient synthesizers. Beide halen af en toe eens uit. Kwantumruis moduleert de electronica. Voor fans van Biosphere, William Basinski, Franz Schubert en Stephen Hawking. Geert De Coninck voorziet de muziek van passende beelden

Irena Paskali 

will show her work Compassion with the Earth.
...and every grain buried in the ground brings new life. Earth is the plane on which we live and die, on which we find hope. The grain is fertilized, grows and dies like man.

Hannah de Groot & Bruno Ramsdonck

The holy spirit is a free spirit. Open that mind. Let the spirit get out. Enjoy the ride. 

Jan Vanbriel

Jan shows some contemporary personalities who are struggling.
Deliveroo Man encounters obstacles in the city, the successful artist Poen Van Mechelen doesn't know it all anymore for a while and the gentlemen of IMMO KNOKKE are weighed down by displaying luxury.

Kris Meeusen

Kris Meeusen is a creative coder and designer. As founder of Lab101, he develops interactive installations for festivals, museums and advertising. His work makes use of data, human curiosity and tension between playfulness and functionality. His knowledge of generative design allows him to create innovative still and moving images. Kris also teaches interaction design at the art academy in Antwerp.

Nikitas Sifonios & Dalida Georgiou-Achmet

With their installation, Nikitas and Dalida explore and embody the concept of making an invisible narrative, visible.


Exploring the layers of society and emotions through moving pixels. 


A seeker in film and visual language. 

Wired Sheep

is a studio that creates artistic games and realtime audiovisual projects.


There's a child in me that needs to be seen. Come and read my diary. 

Midge "Mantissa" Sinnaeve

makes weird shit. 


is presenting her short video 'herinnering' (memeory) form a past long gone. 

What about
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