Kāhui Ako Lead Principal

Trisch Inder -

The role of the Lead Principal is to:

  • Provide leadership in building productive collaboration in the Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako
  • Facilitate the ongoing development and implementation of the Community of Learning achievement plan
  • Support the professional growth of Community of Learning principals and teachers
  • Provide leadership in the use of professional expertise across schools to meet the Community of Learning achievement challenges

Across School Lead Teachers

Jackie Rodgers -

Lucy Ford -

Sarah Washbrooke -

The role of the Across-school Lead is to:

  • Make a positive difference to the educational outcomes for learners
  • Focus on improving and promoting best teaching practices in order to meet the shared achievement challenges
  • Work closely with the Wakatipu Kahui Ako Leadership Team
  • Strengthen the use an inquiry approach to teaching and learning
  • Provide the opportunity to influence and lead colleagues in indentifying and addressing challenges of the professional practice