Kāhui Ako o Wakatipu (Community of Learning) is nestled in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, the Southern Lakes District, Otago New Zealand.

The Community of Learning currently includes seven primary schools and one secondary school. Fifteen local early childhood education centres and other services provide an entry point into the education pathway for most children in the local area.

This pathway leads through to secondary school, with many students moving beyond compulsory education into tertiary study, with local or national organisations.

Learn about the exciting strategy for learners in our region here.


As a network of learning organisations we:

  • collaborate to enhance and sustain learning in the Wakatipu Basin.
  • have a collective moral purpose to provide dynamic, future focused learning opportunities to shift achievement.


Our ultimate goal is to enhance student learning. To achieve this, we will:

          • collaborate
          • share information and resources
          • identify, develop, and embed effective practice.

Our Guiding Principles

The principles listed below inform our actions as we collaborate.

Integrity and Ethics

We strive to create and maintain an environment of:

  • transparency, honesty and trust
  • fairness and respect
  • compassion, understanding and insight


We address “questions that matter,” leading to:

  • deep learning
  • broad thinking
  • positive impact.


Our work and our approach exemplify:

  • a professional growth mindset
  • critical scrutiny
  • future focused practice
  • continuous improvement


We operate for the public good and are accountable for our work, the way in which we conduct it, and our interactions with each other.

What we say and do supports who we aspire to be and what we have set out to accomplish.