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Hej! I'm Lena, owner of Arrive Yoga & Breathwork. I started Arrive to help individuals align their mind, body, and breath to achieve peace and healing through personalized yoga practice. What began as a small studio in the Quad Cities, Illinois, USA has now expanded to virtual and in-person private sessions, community classes, and retreats all over the world. I'm currently based in Uppsala, Sweden.

Whether you are brand new to yoga and want individualized attention in a safe space, you have some yoga experience and are seeking to deepen your practice, you're navigating an injury, or you want to bring yoga to your office or next event, Arrive will tailor an immersive experience specifically for you.

I believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone, regardless of experience, body type, or financial means. This is why Arrive welcomes individuals from all walks of life by offering a pay-what-you-can model for virtual private sessions and dynamic pricing for in-person private yoga, meditation, and breathwork.

Research shows that integrating simple movement and breath techniques into your day can boost mood, decrease stress, and improve quality of life. Let Arrive Yoga & Breathwork join you on your wellness journey today.