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Team Lycanthrope Green School Initiative Project

Team Lycanthrope students have been working on the Green School Initiative which is a problem based research project in which students identify, analyze and come up with a solution to an area of concern to our school. As a team, students identified the following five topics to research and explore:

1) Outdoor Learning Spaces - Group has been looking at what other schools have done to create outdoor learning spaces (OLS). What areas do we have that we might be able to turn into an OLS? What design might we use? What are the benefits to having an OLS?

2) Solar Panel - Group has been looking at current electrical costs (~14k a month). What is currently being done with solar (passive water heating)? What would need to be done to put solar on the roof of the school? Why haven't we put solar panels on the roof? Are there alternatives to putting them on the roof, such as parking spaces?

3) Greenhouse - Looking into building a winterized greenhouse next to or near the current three season greenhouse the science department maintains. Are there local companies or businesses that would donate supplies such as USED windows (from window replacements) that could be used for construction?

4) Recycling - What are we currently recycling? If we only have paper and trash bins outside how does the school recycle plastic and metal? Is food from the cafeteria still being composted? If not, how and who is going to pick up the compost? Can we just do our own composting?

5) Carbon Footprint - What is our schools carbon footprint thinking about heating, electric and transportation? How can we reduce our footprint? What initiatives are already in place, motion detection lights, electric school bus, new windows, etc.

Team Lycanthrope Open House Information

It was great to see so many parents/guardians at Open House on Thursday September 28th. Here is our slideshow and other information handed out or referenced at open house....

Slide Show (also has links to the Math Curriculum in it and other handy links)

Team Lycanthrope Refrigerator Notice

Did you know?

Every so often, we will be posting trivia information about your team teachers in this space. Know an answer? Submit an answer to one of the questions, first student to answer correctly will win an entry to Ms. Jensen's prize raffle. To submit an answer, email

1) MEDIUM --> What was Ms. Herlihy's favorite class in middle school?

2) HARD -->

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