The Golden Sneaker

The Golden Sneaker Award is an inclusive class incentive, given to one class each week. This class earns the highest grade in P.E and shows the most CARE during P.E. The Golden Sneaker stays showcased in their classroom for the week until a new class is announced.

At the conclusion to the school year, the total Golden Sneaker awards are tallied. The classroom who earned the most Golden Sneaker awards throughout the year will receive a pizza or an ice cream party.

2017-2018 Winners

Mr. Prather

Mr. Hughes/ Mr. Borrell, Hughes /Borrell, Hughes/ Borrell

Mattone, Mattone , Mattone

Mr. Lefebvre , Lefebvre, Lefebvre

Ms. Woods/ Dougherty , Woods/ Dougherty, Woods/ Dougherty

Ms. Radkte, Radkte

Ms. Moriarty

Ms. Harvey/ Ms. Millay

Ms. Donoghue

Ms. Perkins

Ms. Robinson

Ms. G.B.

Ms. Donovan , Donovan

Ms. Torres