Grades K-3

The Shape of Class:

1) Warm Up–-“Work Hard Keep Fit”

2) Lesson Focus—Physical Learning

3) Game– Fun Time to Apply Learning

4) Relaxation/Reflection—Relax/ Reflection Time

Curriculum Lessons :

W1– Orientation/ Class Management

W2– Pathways, Safe Stop Using Locomotor Movements.

W3– Manipulative Skills / Spatial Awareness using Hoops

W4– Manipulative Skills/Balance with Bean Bags

W5– Manipulative skills using playground balls

W6– Levels using Scarfs

W7– Parachute Activities

W8– Halloween Stations

W9– Soccer Skills

W10– Jump Rope Concepts

W11– Skills Testing

W12,13– Coordination and Motor Skills Cup Stacking

W14– Introductory Basketball Skills

W15– Relay Race Activities

W16, 17,18—Overhand/ Underhand Throw

W19,20– Striking Skills Volleyball Related

W21– Manipulative Skills with Hockey Sticks

W22,23,24– Gymnastics Skills

W25,26– Underhand Roll/Bowling

W 26-Snowshoeing (3rd only)

W27-Striking Skills with Foam Paddles

W28– Manipulative Skills with Scoops

W29– Skills Testing

W30– Striking with Baseball Bat

W31,32– Manipulative skills with Frisbees

W32,33– Tennis Skills

W33,34– Track and Field Relays

W34,35– Track and Field Related Activities

Current Lesson: Frisbee Skills- Backhand Throw