Meet Mrs. LaFond

I joined the Amherst Elementary Instrumental Music teaching staff in 2014 after many years teaching elementary & middle school band, as well as elementary general music in other districts. I teach band instruments and direct the band ensembles with 4th 5th and 6th graders at Wildwood, Fort River, and Crocker Farm Elementary schools.

I attended the Hartt school and studied Music Education, and UMass Amherst to do my graduate studies in Flute Performance with Christopher Krueger. Recently I've been studying access to music education for all students, and violin playing. This summer I start studying instrument repair.

I try to give my students a firm foundation in the basics of instrumental playing: assembly, posture, hand position, embouchure, articulation, and maintenance, and I focus on playing tunes rather than exercises. Varying accompaniments is one of my favorite ways to make repetition fun and I use a lot of piano, cajón, and other instruments to play along with the students. I do my best to play lots of musical games, and I'm so proud of the hard work our students do!

Fun Facts about Mrs. LaFond:

  • I keep chickens and goats
  • I love knitting, spinning, sewing and making things from scratch
  • I try to learn a new instrument each year, so I can better identify with the challenges my students face
  • I played oboe (concert band) and baritone (marching band) in high school, but switched to flute for college
  • I have two kids and I live in the Hilltowns of Western MA

Feel free to contact me anytime at