Student-Writtens 2021

Submit Your Student-Written Scripts Here!

Have your final draft available as a Google Drive doc, then share it with us by clicking the button below.

All Submissions are Due by Sunday, March 14 at 11:59pm.

Become a Student-Writtens Juror

Student-Writtens are selected by a group of 4-6 ARHS students and Mr. Bechtold. Composed of a wide range of students from little/no to a lot of experience with theater, this group will be selected to create a panel with a range of backgrounds and interests in theater.

All panelists need to commit to reading plays and meeting on Sunday, March 21 over Zoom for a lengthy selection process.

Learn More about SW21

Check out the SW 21 Submission Advice and Guidelines document & the video meeting notes.

2021 Submission Guidelines
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