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7th Grade English!


9/18/18: We had a class discussion about Home today based on the organizers

9/17/18: Students were expected to finish the one paragraph response on Home. We also used an organizer to prepare for tomorrow's discussion.

9/14/18: We spent some time in the media center so all students could check out a book if they needed one. Students then continued their work on Home.

9/13/18: We began our first short story, which doubles as a pretest. Students read it and took notes based on these guidelines.

9/12/18: Students presented the creative parts of the 7th Grade Self assignment. All but one class began brainstorming what to look for in a short story.

9/11/18: We talked about some English class systems and set up binders. This is our last class period on the My 7th Grade Self assignment.

9/7/18: Students saw a model of a creative assignment to go with "My 7th Grade Self." We will continue one more class period on these. They should be turned in by Wednesday 9/12.

9/6/18: Students joined the Google Classroom site and continued working on "My 7th Grade Self." To stay on track, most students should have finished their letter and started the creative piece.

9/5/18: We learned some classroom routines today and began an assignment called "My 7th Grade Self." We will be working on this the rest of the week.


9/18/18: None

9/17/18: Finish your one paragraph response if you were unable to in class.

9/13/18: None

9/12/18: None

9/11/18: If you were not able to finish My 7th Grade Self in class (link under Classwork 9/5), please finish at home. All digital work (including the letter) should be submitted to Classroom. Any creative parts done on paper can be turned into the bins.

9/7/18: Summer Reading and Supplies due Tuesday

9/6/18: Summer Reading and Supplies due Tuesday

9/5/18: Summer Reading and Supplies due Tuesday


Reading conferences will begin on Friday 9/28.

The best day to reach me after school is Thursday. Until January, I am also available on Wednesday. If you need to see me before school, please see me the day before for a pass.

Reach me by email at jfernandes@arlington.k12.ma.us