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We consolidated the week's work into one document for ease of use: Sky Cluster Remote Learning

Thursday March 12: We learned about adverbs that modify adjectives. Students continued reading The Giver.

Wednesday March 11: We learned about adverbs that modify verbs. Students received their Giver books and began reading.

Tuesday March 10: Students practiced identifying adjectives and we had a prereading discussion related to a theme in The Giver.

Monday March 9: The students got their Warriors Don't Cry essays back and we reviewed them. We began a unit on adjectives and adverbs.

Friday March 6: We finished the original poem project.

Thursday March 5: We continued working on the original poem project.

Wednesday March 4: We began our last poetry assignment.

Wednesday February 26 - Tuesday March 3: Students continued to work on their Poetry Projects.

Tuesday February 25: Students got the IRP details and went to the Media Center to look at poetry books for their project.

Monday February 24: We began our Poetry Around the World Project. Organizers are on Google Classroom.

Friday February 14: Students read a poem called "Oranges" by Gary Soto and wrote a compare/contrast response in Classroom.

Thursday February 13: Students wrote a letter to the teacher whose favorite poem they chose.

Wednesday February 12: We discussed One Art and began the Favorite Poem Project.

Tuesday February 11: We learned a compare/contrast strategy for the MCAS by discussing Identity and The Rose that Grew from Concrete and read a poem called One Art by Elizabeth Bishop.

Monday February 10: We discussed Identity and read Tupac Shakur's The Rose that Grew from Concrete

Friday February 7: We went over Mother to Son and read Identity by Julio Naboa Polanco, filling in the analysis template (linked below)

Thursday February 6: We cleaned out our folders, students received their IRP rubrics, and we began a poetry unit. Students read a poem some are familiar with from last year (and all heard in the MLK Jr speech we watched) and practiced using an analysis template we will use during the unit.

Wednesday February 5: Students had one more day to edit and perfect their essays.

Tuesday February 4: We did a lesson on introductions and conclusions.

Monday February 3: Students peer edited their remaining body paragraphs.

Friday January 31: Students finished drafting their body paragraphs.

Thursday January 30: Students began drafting the remaining body paragraphs.

Wednesday January 29: Students peer edited their first body paragraph.

Tuesday January 28: Students drafted their first body paragraph. Here is the model.

Monday January 27: Students completed their graphic organizers.

Friday January 24: Students finished finding evidence for their body paragraphs.

Thursday January 23: Students worked to turn their outlines into graphic organizers for their body paragraphs.

Wednesday January 22: We continued working on our essays, with everyone drafting a claim and filling out an outline (kernel essay).

Tuesday January 21: Students who didn't get to finish recording did so, we watched Martin Luther King Jr.'s Blueprint Speech, and began work on the Warriors Don't Cry essay.

Friday January 17: We had our Snowball fight and recorded our answers on Padlet.

Thursday January 16: We prepped our Snowball Discussion and watched videos of the Little Rock Nine in interviews.

Wednesday January 15: Students finished 18 and took the 17-18 check in.

Tuesday January 14: Students read chapter 17 and began 18.

Monday January 13: Students took the 15-16 check in and we had a discussion about all three guiding questions.

Friday January 10: Students read chapters 15 and 16.

Thursday January 9: Students finished chapters 13 and 14 and took the 13-14 check in.

Wednesday January 8: Students read chapter 13 and started chapter 14.

Tuesday January 7: We had a discussion about dynamic characters in Warriors.

Monday January 6: Students read chapter 12.

Friday January 3: Students read chapter 11.

Thursday January 2: We reviewed where we were in Warriors and read chapters 9 and 10.

Friday December 20th: Students completed yesterday's activity.

Thursday December 19th: Students took the 7/8 check in and read a picture book called "Separate is Never Equal."

Wednesday December 18: Students completed chapter 8. Check in tomorrow.

Tuesday December 17: Students continued reading chapters 7 and 8 and taking notes.

Monday December 16: Students began chapter 7 today. The 7 - 8 check in will be at the start of class on Thursday.

Friday December 13: Students read chapter 6 and took the chapter 5 - 6 check in.

Thursday December 12: Students read chapter 5 and took notes.

Wednesday December 11: Students took the 2 - 4 check in and we completed an activity about internal conflict.

Tuesday December 10: Students continued reading WDC and taking notes.

Monday December 9: We reviewed the quiz results. After a quick preview of chapter 2, students continued to read and take notes. We are aiming to finish chapter 4 by Wednesday.

Friday December 6: Students read chapter 1 of WDC and took the practice quiz to test the quality of their notes.

Thursday December 5: We finished the slide show and students received their books.

Wednesday December 4: We reviewed the history of segregation in the US, the Civil Rights Movement, and the laws that arose from the Civil Rights Movement.

Monday December 2: We are beginning Warriors Don't Cry. This novel has challenging language and content. Students were given a letter to show their families. Students did some brainstorming about prior knowledge they have about the Civil Rights Movement.

Wednesday November 27: Students received work back and we went over the term 2 IRP.

Tuesday November 26: Students took their Unit 2 Grammar Quiz today.

Monday November 25: We went over questions about the review packet and the students competed in American Grammar Warrior Season 2.

Friday November 22: Students completed a review packet.

Tuesday November 19 - Thursday November 21

Over these three days, we used this google slideshow to learn and practice working with conjunctions and clauses to build compound and complex sentences and avoid fragments and run-ons.

Wednesday November 13 - Monday November 18

Students worked on their summative assessments.

Tuesday November 12: We are doing our summative assessment for the Short Narratives Unit. Students have three choices. The handout they received has a deadline of Friday, but I'm being sent to a conference on Friday, so students will also have time on Monday.

Friday November 8: Students were given a revision and editing checklist and completed their work.

Thursday November 7: Students finished their first drafts.

Wednesday November 6: Students dissected a model of a paragraph and found the pieces on their organizer. Students began drafting.

Tuesday November 5: We began a writing assignment on symbolism (on Google Classroom). All students need to complete a graphic organizer.

Monday November 4: We discussed the plot and symbols of "The Naming of Names."

Thursday October 31: Students watched The Monsters are due on Maple St (Twilight Zone episode) and had one final chance to have a reading conference with me.

Wednesday October 30: Field trip!

Tuesday October 29: Students finished reading and annotating The Naming of Names.

Monday October 28th: We reviewed what students had learned Friday and began our last short story, The Naming of Names.

Friday October 25: Students split into two groups to learn/review Types of Conflict and Symbolism.

Thursday October 24: Students presented their work and received their grammar quizzes back. We discussed the quiz correction protocol. All quiz

Wednesday October 23: Students finished their theme assignments.

Tuesday October 22: Students continued working on their theme assignments.

Monday October 21: We reviewed theme and began a group assignment about theme in "The Monsters are Due on Maple St."

Friday October 18th: Students took their grammar quiz today. Students who missed it need to see me to make it up on Tuesday or Wednesday next week, or before school any day next week.

Thursday October 17th: Students reviewed for tomorrow's quiz by playing a review game called American Grammar Warrior.

Wednesday October 16th: Students reviewed the answers to the review packet and we read Act Two of "The Monsters are Due on Maple St."

Tuesday October 15th: We learned about subjects and objects. We read Act One of "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street."

Friday October 11th: Students completed a grammar review exercise.

Thursday October 10th: Students had a directed study due to my absence.

Tuesday October 8th: We continued practicing verbs and discussed static and dynamic characters in Antaeus and other stories we've read so far.

Monday October 7th: Students did some work with verbs. We had a discussion about the Antaeus questions from Friday.

Friday October 4th: Students did some practice with prepositions, finished reading Antaeus and answered some deeper thinking questions.

Thursday October 3rd: Students were introduced to prepositions (this link includes today's and tomorrow's work) and we read the first half of Antaeus.

Wednesday October 2nd: We practiced nouns and pronouns and previewed vocabulary for Antaeus.

Tuesday October 1st: With shortened periods, we did a noun and pronoun review. (This link includes both today's and tomorrow's work on this.)

Friday September 27th: Students cleaned out their folders, checked on their work in Google Classroom and completed a parts of speech diagnostic.

Thursday September 26th: Students completed their characterization project on the back of the plot mountain poster, and also had time to finish the front.

Wednesday September 25th: Students completed the charts we began in class yesterday and moved on to the second step of the project.

Tuesday September 24th: Students received the guidelines for Term 1's Independent Reading Project. Students then began applying yesterday's notes about indirect characterization to "Home."

Monday September 23rd: Students finished their plot mountain posters and then took notes on Direct and Indirect Characterization.

Friday September 20th: Students completed an entry ticket for "Home" which led to a discussion. Then, students completed their plot posters.

Thursday September 19th: Students filled out a form from the School Counselors.

We then completed a vocab activity for our next narrative, "Home." We read "Home" aloud and began a mini-project on plot structure.

Wednesday September 18th: We completed the narrative writing assignment.

Tuesday September 17th: We discussed how to use completed organizers to begin effective writing.

Monday September 16th: We reviewed the narrative strategy and completed a graphic organizer.

Friday September 13th: All classes had an opportunity to visit the media center. Blue, Green, and Purple learned about the narrative writing strategy.

Thursday September 12th: Red and Yellow participated in the live plot mountain and learned a strategy for narrative writing.

Blue, Green, and Purple discussed point of view and applied it to Charles.

Wednesday September 11th:

Red and Yellow discussed point of view and applied it to "Charles."

Blue, Green, and Purple completed the vocab activity and read "Charles."

Tuesday September 10th:

Red and Yellow completed a vocabulary activity and began reading "Charles."

Blue, Green, and Purple completed the FAST-R assessment.

Monday September 9th:

Students completed the FAST-R reading comprehension assessment.

Friday September 6th:

Students participated in a pretest of their abilities to think critically and work in a group.

Thursday September 5th:

Students completed their introduction letters and submitted them to Google Classroom.

Wednesday September 4th:

Students participated in a community building activity today and began work on their introduction letter.

Tuesday September 3rd:

Students learned a little about English class and participated in an activity around the Class Expectations.


Thursday March 12:

  • None

Wednesday March 11:

  • None

Tuesday March 10:

  • None

Monday March 9:

  • None

Friday March 6:

  • None

Thursday March 5:

  • None

Wednesday March 4:

  • None

Tuesday March 3:

  • Finish the Poetry Around the World Project

Monday March 2:

  • Students should finish writing their reflections.

Friday February 28:

  • None

Thursday February 27:

  • Students should have finished finding their biographical information.

Wednesday February 26:

  • If you haven't found all six poems, you should do that for homework.

Tuesday February 25:

  • None

Monday February 24:

  • None

Friday February 14:

  • None

Thursday February 13:

  • Read "Seventh Grade" by Gary Soto in preparation for class tomorrow.

Wednesday February 12:

  • None

Tuesday February 11:

  • None

Monday February 10:

  • None

Friday February 7:

  • None

Thursday February 6:

  • None

Wednesday February 5:

  • Complete and submit your essay to Classroom

Tuesday February 4:

  • None

Monday February 3:

  • None

Friday January 31:

  • Finish drafting body paragraphs

Thursday January 30:

  • None

Wednesday January 29:

  • None

Tuesday January 28:

  • Finish drafting one body paragraph.

Monday January 27:

  • Complete a graphic organizer for each body paragraph of your essay.

Friday January 24:

  • None

Thursday January 23:

  • None

Wednesday January 22:

  • IRPs due tomorrow.

Tuesday January 21:

  • Complete the Brainstorming Guideline in preparation for class tomorrow.

Friday January 17:

  • None

Thursday January 16:

  • Bring your Warriors book to be collected.

Wednesday January 15:

  • None

Tuesday January 14:

  • Read 1/2 of chapter 18

Monday January 13:

  • None

Friday January 10:

  • Finish chapter 16.

Thursday January 9:

  • None

Wednesday January 8:

  • Be at least halfway through chapter 14. 13 - 14 Check in will be at the end of class tomorrow.

Tuesday January 7:

  • None

Monday January 6:

  • Finish reading chapter 12.

Friday January 3:

  • None

Thursday January 2:

  • None

Friday December 20:

  • None

Thursday December 19:

  • None

Wednesday December 18:

  • Finish chapter 8.

Tuesday December 17:

  • None

Monday December 16:

  • None.

Friday December 13:

  • None

Thursday December 12:

  • Finish chapter 5

Wednesday December 11:

  • None

Tuesday December 10:

  • Finish chapter 4

Monday December 9:

  • Finish chapter 4 by Wednesday.

Friday December 6:

  • None

Thursday December 5:

  • None

Wednesday December 4:

  • None

Monday December 2:

  • Show your families the Warriors letter.

Wednesday November 27:

  • None

Tuesday November 26:

  • None

Monday November 25:

  • None

Friday November 22:

  • None

Tuesday November 19 - Thursday November 21

  • None

Wednesday November 13 - Monday November 18:

  • Summative assessments due by the end of class Monday.

Tuesday November 12:

  • None

Friday November 8:

  • All unfinished symbolism paragraphs must be completed ASAP.

Thursday November 7:

  • None

Wednesday November 6:

  • None

Tuesday November 5:

  • Finish your graphic organizer.

Monday November 4:

  • Projects due tomorrow!

Thursday October 31:

  • Everyone needs to have finished reading and annotating The Naming of Names for types of conflict and symbolism by Monday.
  • IRPs due Tuesday!

Wednesday October 30:

  • Everyone needs to have finished reading and annotating The Naming of Names for types of conflict and symbolism by Monday.

Tuesday October 29:

  • Everyone needs to have finished reading and annotating The Naming of Names for types of conflict and symbolism by Monday.

Monday October 28:

  • None

Friday October 25:

  • None

Thursday October 24:

  • None

Tuesday October 22:

  • None

Monday October 21:

  • None

Friday October 18th:

  • None

Thursday October 17th:

  • Review for tomorrow's quiz.

Wednesday October 16th:

  • None

Tuesday October 15th:

Friday October 11th:

  • None

Thursday October 10th:

  • None

Tuesday October 8th:

  • None

Monday October 7th:

  • None

Friday October 4th:

  • None

Thursday October 3rd:

  • None

Wednesday October 2nd:

  • None

Tuesday October 1st:

  • None

Friday September 27th:

  • None

Thursday September 26th:

  • None

Wednesday September 25th:

  • None

Tuesday September 24th:

  • None

Monday September 23rd:

  • None

Friday September 20th:

  • None

Thursday September 19th:

  • None.

Wednesday September 18th:

  • Finish your Charles Narrative Writing and submit it to Google Classroom.

Tuesday September 17th:

  • None

Monday September 16th:

  • None

Friday September 13th:

  • None

Thursday September 12th:

  • None

Wednesday September 11th:

  • None

Tuesday September 10th:

  • None

Monday September 9th:

  • None

Friday September 6th:

  • None

Thursday September 5th:

  • Please finish your letter!

Wednesday September 4th:

Tuesday September 3rd:

  • Have an adult at home sign your expectations handout
  • Bring your summer reading assignment to school tomorrow


IRP is due April 2