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7th Grade English!


11/13/18: We will spend the next week on fixing some common issues that came up in writing assignments. Students received notes today and we practiced finding complete and incomplete sentences in a google slides presentation.

11/9/18: Students who chose Option 1 did their short story test. Option 2 students finished their posters. Option 3 students worked on their stories.

11/8/18: Students continued working on their assessment.

11/7/18: Students began an assessment today, which will last through Friday.

11/5/18: Students submitted their projects and completed a reflection about the process. They completed an irony practice and some had time to read a bonus story to practice for their short story assessment.

Here are the answers to the irony practice, for student to review.

Students will get their Antaeus questions back on Wednesday. Here is an example of one that would receive full credit.

11/2/18: Students received their grades for their symbolism paragraphs. They had the remainder of the period to work on their independent reading projects.

11/1/18: We learned about irony and applied it to Charles.

10/31/18: We finished reading "Charles" and completed the "pizza" of literary terms.

10/30/18: We reviewed the six terms we have focused on this quarter before starting to read our final story, "Charles".

10/29/18: Most students needed more time on their FlipGrids. Students who were finished had time to work on their IRPs.

10/26/18: Students recorded their FlipGrids.

10/25/18: We talked about types of conflict today and related it to Antaeus. Students began planning for an assessment on FlipGrid, which they will complete tomorrow.

10/24/18: After recapping what we learned and read yesterday, students finished reading "Antaeus" and answered 5 deeper thinking questions.

10/23/18: Students learned the word "allusion" and read the first half of "Antaeus," which is an allusion to Greek mythology. Students completed an exit ticket with a prediction for the story based on this allusion and what they had read so far.

10/22/18: After attending the book fair, students completed a vocabulary activity with words from our next story, Antaeus.

10/19/18: Students had a catch-up day to finish their paragraphs or work on their projects.

10/18/18: Students used a revision and editing checklist to improve their paragraphs.

10/17/18: Students completed a peer review on a partner's graphic organizer. We then looked at a model of a well constructed paragraph. Students began writing their drafts on a doc through Classroom.

10/16/18: Students reviewed the entries on padlet and used the ideas to craft a claim. After their claim was approved, students began a graphic organizer. The back side of the organizer has a model.

10/15/18: We finished collecting data and added our symbolism ideas and best quotes to padlet (links on Google Classroom).

10/12/18: We began collecting data on symbols in "The Naming of Names."

10/11/18: We discussed the ending of "The Naming of Names" and did an activity about its theme. Most classes had time to check in about their independent reading projects.

10/10/18: We reviewed yesterday's section of "The Naming of Names" and students finished the story. They began a reflection, which they should complete for homework.

Reflection questions:

1. Which scene is the climax of this story? Justify your answer.

2. Did this story end happily for Harry? Why or why not?

3. Why was point of view relevant or important in this story?

Students can pick 2, or do all three for "stretch credit."

10/9/18: We reviewed what students had pulled out of "The Naming of Names" on Friday. Students continued reading to the bottom of 456.

10/5/18: We went over the students' notes from the section of "The Naming of Names" from yesterday. Students continued reading from page 450 - 452, adding to their plot mountains and "parking lots."

10/4/18: Students read the next section of "The Naming of Names" in partners, recapping after each break in the text.

10/3/18: We previewed vocabulary in our next story, "The Naming of Names" and used sketchnoting to talk about mood and point of view in the story.

10/2/18: Students presented their theme projects.

10/1/18: Students had time to practice their presentations with their groups. Some groups presented today. Other groups will present tomorrow. The grading checklist is here.

9/28/18: Students continued to work on the Bargain theme assignment. Some students had their first reading conference today.

9/27/18: Students began work on a theme assignment for Bargain. We will be working on these through Tuesday.

9/26/18: Students continued working on identifying the indirect characterization in "Bargain." They received their independent reading project guidelines and a planning calendar to help them break up the work.

9/25/18: Students began applying indirect characterization to the story "Bargain."

9/24/18: We reviewed what students did on Friday and began work on indirect characterization.

9/21/18: With the sub, students read the story "Bargain" in the Elements of Literature book and answered questions.

9/20/18: Students brainstormed what they know about point of view today, which we then reviewed together. In groups, students used a plot mountain to diagram and present a fairy tale or fable.

9/18/18: We had a class discussion about Home today based on the organizers.

9/17/18: Students were expected to finish the one paragraph response on Home. We also used an organizer to prepare for tomorrow's discussion.

9/14/18: We spent some time in the media center so all students could check out a book if they needed one. Students then continued their work on Home.

9/13/18: We began our first short story, which doubles as a pretest. Students read it and took notes based on these guidelines.

9/12/18: Students presented the creative parts of the 7th Grade Self assignment. All but one class began brainstorming what to look for in a short story.

9/11/18: We talked about some English class systems and set up binders. This is our last class period on the My 7th Grade Self assignment.

9/7/18: Students saw a model of a creative assignment to go with "My 7th Grade Self." We will continue one more class period on these. They should be turned in by Wednesday 9/12.

9/6/18: Students joined the Google Classroom site and continued working on "My 7th Grade Self." To stay on track, most students should have finished their letter and started the creative piece.

9/5/18: We learned some classroom routines today and began an assignment called "My 7th Grade Self." We will be working on this the rest of the week.


11/13/18: None.

11/9/18: Option 3 students may continue working on their short stories. Option 2 students can finish their posters over the weekend if they need more time.

11/8/18: None.

11/7/18: None.

11/5/18: None.

11/2/18: IRP due Monday!

11/1/18: IRP due Monday!

10/31/18: IRP due Monday!

10/30/18: IRP due Monday!

10/29/18: IRPs are due Monday!

10/25/18: None.

10/24/18: If you did not finish your Antaeus questions, please do so.

10/23/18: None.

10/22/18: None.

10/19/18: None. Students who did not finish their paragraphs should do so ASAP and turn them in to Google Classroom.

10/18/18: Do your best to finish the final draft of your paragraph. They are due at the end of class Friday, so if you need class time, you can use it. Those who do not need class time to finish will have a "catch up" day where they can work on missed assignments, work on their Independent Reading project, or have a directed study.

10/17/18: Finish a draft of your symbolism paragraph. Note: Yellow is a day behind. They should be working on their graphic organizer.

10/16/18: Complete the graphic organizer. Note: Yellow class should NOT do the homework due to the fire alarm malfunction.

10/15/18: None

10/12/18: None

10/11/18: None

10/10/18: Finish the reflection you began in class.

10/9/18: None

10/5/18: None

10/4/18: None

10/3/18: None

10/2/18: None

10/1/18: If your group has not yet finished your Bargain theme presentation, finish for homework.

9/28/18: None

9/27/18: None

9/26/18: None

9/25/18: None

9/24/18: None

9/21/18: None

9/20/18: None

9/18/18: None

9/17/18: Finish your one paragraph response if you were unable to in class.

9/13/18: None

9/12/18: None

9/11/18: If you were not able to finish My 7th Grade Self in class (link under Classwork 9/5), please finish at home. All digital work (including the letter) should be submitted to Classroom. Any creative parts done on paper can be turned into the bins.

9/7/18: Summer Reading and Supplies due Tuesday

9/6/18: Summer Reading and Supplies due Tuesday

9/5/18: Summer Reading and Supplies due Tuesday


It's time to pick an independent reading book for quarter 2. We will go to the media center on Thursday. Reading conferences will begin on November 30th. All students must have one conference before winter break.

The best day to reach me after school is Thursday. Until January, I am also available on Wednesday. If you need to see me before school, please see me the day before for a pass.

Reach me by email at jfernandes@arlington.k12.ma.us