Bus Expectations

For Parents

For Students

In consideration for the driver and the safety of everyone, it is important that your child understands, respects, and follows the rules and policies of the bus.

As parents, you may have questions and concerns regarding transportation. This page is provided to help you and your child to become familiar with some of the policies and procedures that are followed, specifically regarding bus transportation. First and foremost, the bus schedule is permanent and can not be changed. The stops that are provided are for safety and have been in place for many years. These are the only locations where the bus will provide service for your child.

Secondly, you should be at the bus stop 15 minutes prior to arrival to ensure that your child is on time for the bus. Also, please give the bus an additional 15 minutes if it is not on time. This is especially important during the winter months, when weather and traffic are unpredictable. The bus is on a very rigid schedule, and special time cannot be given to accommodate tardiness. Please follow the schedule and be on time. If you do find yourself tardy, please consult the schedule and find the next best stop - according to time - to drop off your child. DO NOT follow the bus, expecting it to stop, because the driver has specific orders to only stop at the assigned spots.

If you would like to change the location where your child is being dropped off or picked up, or if s/he is going home with a friend or relative, you can submit your notification in writing, calling or emailing in advance to the METCO, Director. For safety reasons we cannot drop your child off at an alternate location without this proper, advance notification. In the case that you cannot pick up your child on time, s/he will remain on the bus until the end of the ride, and will then be escorted back to METCO, Inc. office (617-427-1545) to await pickup.

There are also some rules on the bus that pertain to the safety and behavior of your child.

  • Parents, for the safety and welfare of the children, are not allowed on the bus under any circumstances. This rule is not flexible, and violators will be subject to consequences administered by the proper authorities.
  • There is no eating on the bus. Many children have food allergies and, therefore, we cannot allow food on the bus. Water is allowed, but only water bottles. Children are expected to remain seated at all times, and to follow the rules of school while on the bus.
  • Electronic devices –such as iPods, or any other mp3 devices- are allowed on the bus, but they are the sole responsibility of the students. The monitors and drivers are not liable if these devices are lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Just as in school, cell phones are NOT allowed on the bus. In the case of an emergency, the monitors and drivers have phones available for communication.
  • Be respectful to the bus monitor(s)/ bus driver.
  • While riding the bus, hoodies should not be worn.

Please be advised that if a student receives three written notifications for not adhering to the Bus Expectations, the student’s name will be forwarded, by the bus monitor(s), to the METCO Director who will determine the consequence based on the severity of the offense. If a student is suspended off the bus for not adhering to one or more of the Bus Expectations, the parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for finding alternate transportation for the student that school day. The program believes students’ behavior affects their academic performance, and the program’s goal is to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all students.