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APS Allowed Digital Resources

(Resources where vendors have agreed by signed contract to respect student privacy as required under the federal FERPA and COPPA laws.)(Resources that have not signed are not on the list and are not allowed.)

Info for the shutdown

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device

(This document offers a description of the AHS philosophy on using electronic devices, and guidance about which devices students and parents might choose.)

Request a device

Instructions for requesting a device have been sent to homes via email and PS Messenger.

(Update: 1,017 CBooks have been distributed to APS students as of Apr.2)

Home Internet

Student Privacy

APS policy is to limit the use of online resources that require student logons to only those resources/vendors that have agreed by contract to respect student privacy as required under the federal FERPA and COPPA laws.

Dear Parent or Guardian,

(further clarification as posted on Enrichment Activities for Students)

The Arlington Public Schools would like families to be aware that some of the resources being recommended are not approved for use in the Arlington Public Schools. There are a variety of reasons for this, but they all relate to the protection of students’ personally identifiable information (PII). We have published our digital resources list at the Arlington Public Schools website on the Digital Learning page and encourage you to use this list if you have questions about a particular tool. While we do not endorse the use of tools that aren’t approved, we understand that there may be resources or platforms that students want to use in spite of not having a data privacy contract from the vendor. We hope that sharing this information helps you make informed decisions about the variety of digital learning tools available to students.

Susan Bisson, Director of Digital Learning

We are offering students and families guidance in the healthy and safe use of devices and technology through a series of activities adapted for individualized learning by AHS from the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Curriculum.

(Link to the Activities)

Open Resources Lab and Cart Sign Up

Lab 321 - Mr. Snyder's room - 24 Chrome-box computers

Chromebook Cart - 30 Chromebooks

Media Center - has resources as well (click here)

To request permissions for the reservations calendars, please Email Jeff Snyder, or use the directions below. Thank you!

To Reserve a Lab:

Check the calendars above to be sure the date you'd like is available. Signing up in advance is advised, but last minute is fine when available.

If you sign up yourself:

    • Please add your name and number of computers wanted. and change the event color to green. If your scheduling in advance, consider adding yourself as a guest to receive a notification as your time approaches.
    • If cancelling, please re-open the time-slot for others by removing your name and changing the color to default.

If you sign up by email:

    • You should receive an automated email confirmation of your lab reservation within 24 hours from the AHS Computer Labs Google calendar. When you receive the confirmation, please "accept the invitation" by clicking the "Yes" option. Doing this will add the "event" to your calendar and to the Lab calendar. You should also get a reminder email on the morning of your lab visit. Confirmed reservations will also appear on the Instructional Technology Page calendar.

Etiquette and Rules:

    • Please watch the schedule to see if Chromebooks will be needed by the next class, and if so, return them promptly.
    • Do not mix Chromebooks from different carts. Lab 321 is written on the bottom of each the 321 Chromebooks.
    • Be sure Chromebooks are returned to a locked cart, or to Mr. Snyder or Media Staff. Please do not just leave returned Chromebooks out in the open.

    • Please do not allow food, drinks, or gum in the labs.
    • Please have students leave the labs in a tidy condition - PCs logged off, chairs in, papers thrown away, etc... Remember, another class will be in soon after you leave.

Resources for Teachers

G+ Technology in Practice, TIPs

Our G+ community for sharing about teaching and learning.

PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook Help

(Note: it's always good to do a google search for Powerteacher gradebook setup. The youtube videos are always changing and are often good.)

    • Get started
    • Take Attendance video - link
    • Attendance Absences- seeing all absences for a student

- from powerteacher, select the info backpack for the a class

- select a student

- select Quick Lookup from the dropdown selections

- click the student's attendance number

- you'll see a list of all absences, dated and coded

IPad and Android App Setup - Ipad and Android - open the App, go to the server settings and enter settings as they are in this image. (Won't work with APS Guest)(Only works in our buildings)

AHS Dates and Weights and Final Exams

-- Y1 weights - T1, T2, T3, T4 and X1 respectively are 22.25%, 22.25%, 22.25%, 22.25% and 11%.

-- Final Exams must be dated within the X1 term - even for Seniors, even though their exams are in May.

-- Also, Senior Q4 and Y1 grades need confirmed as the Senior finish. This is true of mixed grade classes too.

-- As the Terms turn, be aware and specific about the dates you apply to assignments.

Parent-Student Portal Youtube, generic

(this is close, but not exactly what you'd see in the APS parent-student portal.)(credit peagreensoup.)

More Teacher Resources:

More Google for Teachers:

Google's Teacher Center - Learn by product page

Google's GSuite Learning Center - Learn by product page

Google Classroom and Google Forms Training My Docs:

This document has the resources and lesson plans from my four Summer Workshop Sessions.

The Google Classroom and Google Forms Sessions are organized as hands on activities divided into basic, intermediate and advanced levels and are designed to help you learn the tools, or improve.

The Social Media Session has hands on activities to introduce Google+ and it’s Photo and Hangout tools.

The Formative Assessment has resources on research and theory about the powerful impact of Formative assessment.

Google Apps For Education – Overview – 30 Minutes

(This video is super dated, and yet remains a decent overview of the basic tools and the video is perfect for someone who is completely new to Google Apps for Ed. The video's structure - the first 11 minutes is promotional and can be skipped, but the last 20 minutes is a nice demo of the applications. In other words, forward the video to the 11 minute mark to see the Apps overview.)

· G-Mail - Forward video to 11 minutes

· Calendar - Forward video to 15 minutes

· Docs - Forward video to 19 minutes

· Forms - Forward video to 23 minutes

· Sites - Forward video to 25 minutes

· Video - Forward video to 29 minute

Google Drive Sync for the Mac or PC - set-up instruction

(Basically, you install drive sync and choose the folders you want sync'd to the cloud)