Migration Checklists

Pre-migration checklist

Do not make large changes while the migration is ongoing

  • Do not delete messages or organize your mail during the migration.
  • Why? This will delay the migration.

Please reconfigure your mobile device to work with your new G Suite Account.

  • Why? This will help ensure that you receive all new incoming mail after the migration begins on the day before Go Live.

Move all archived messages you need access to a folder.

  • Why? Your personal archives (PST’s) will not be migrated to G Suite,
  • If you want certain items from your archive to be accessible in your G Suite account, please place them into your inbox or another folder.
  • Please note, your archives may not immediately migrate. Please allow 7 business days for your archives to display in Gmail.

Delete your deleted items/Trash

  • Why? This reduces the size of your work mailbox overall and can help make the migration faster for everyone.

Rename any folders with special characters

  • Why? G Suite could interpret special characters as separators and will create two different folders.
  • For example, a folder called “Agenda/Minutes” will split into two labels- one for “Agenda” and another for “Minutes.”

If you haven’t already, register for our Training Sessions

  • Why? Even if you’ve used Gmail for years as your personal mail tool, we guarantee that working with G Suite in a professional setting will be a new experience.
  • There are many features and tricks for tools such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive that are particularly useful to keep in mind at work.
  • We’ve recruited professional Google Trainers to give us customized training based on our State of AZ culture and workflows.

what will migrate


Outlook MAIL

  • All of your historical mail that is in your active mailbox
  • Draft and Sent Messages
  • Your personal contacts and any contact groups that you created
  • All of your folders and subfolders, as well as all the mail within those folders and subfolders will be migrated into labels and nested labels (which are the G Suite version of folders)
        • Google recommends to have 500 folders or less
  • All attachments that are under 25 MB (and any oversized attachments over 25 MB will be stored in Google Drive)
  • Your signature (only text and HTML)
  • Categories will be migrated over as labels and nested labels
  • Read and unread status of mail
  • Priority mail will be denoted in Gmail by applying “stars” to messages
  • Your Out of Office Settings


  • All Exchange/Outlook calendar appointments (including recurring appointments)
  • All attendees to calendar appointments
  • Sub calendars are migrated over as secondary calendars in G Suite
  • Tasks are migrated to G Suite Tasks
  • Appointment Reminder settings
  • Any internal Shared Calendar Permission



Groupwise Mail

  • Mail in active mailbox
  • Folders & Categories
  • Read status of mail
  • Attachments over 25MB goto Drive
  • Signature (text and HTML only)
  • Priority
  • Account delegates

Groupwise Calendar

  • Primary and sub calendars
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Appointment reminder settings
  • Recurring events
  • Account delegation


Google To Google:


  • Emails
  • Labels & Sublabels
  • Priority stars
  • Text & HTML signatures
  • Contacts


  • Appointments
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Reminders


  • Folder structure
  • Item starring
  • Documents
  • Internal Document Permissions
  • Modification dates


  • Group members



Outlook MAIL

Emails body larger than 25mb

  • Email messages over 25 mb, not including attachments, will not be migrated.

Forward or Reply arrows

  • Gmail doesn’t mark messages you’ve forwarded or replied to with a small arrow icon, like Outlook does.

Images within your signature

  • But you can easily add an image into your signature once in Gmail).

Additional signatures

  • Gmail only allows one signature by default, but there is a workaround using a feature called “Canned Responses” in Gmail.

Mail rules

  • You will have to recreate these in Gmail as Filters.

Delegated Mailboxes

  • Please make a note of the delegation settings on your inbox
  • Re-share your mailbox once migrated

Personal PST’s

  • Move your PST’s to your active Inbox prior to migration
  • If you did not move your PST’s prior to migration and need to access them, please follow these instructions

Drafts, Sent &, Deleted Items Sub-Folders

  • If you have created sub-folders under drafts/sent, the folder will not migrate

Empty Folders

  • Folder that do not contain messages


  • Shared Contacts
  • The State's Global Address Book
    • All emails can be found at the AZ Direct Website


  • Calendar attachment
  • Delegated calendars



Groupwise Mail

See all above Outlook items plus the below:

  • Notes
  • Trash
  • Executable attachments
  • Follow-up dates & Reminders (Flags)
  • GroupWise extensions/add-ons

Groupwise Contacts

  • Detailed Directory Information

Groupwise Tasks

  • Start Dates
  • Reminders
  • Categories
  • Status
  • Recurring Tasks


Google to google:


  • Filters
  • Settings & Labs
  • Label colors
  • Delegated Access
  • Personal Contact Groups
  • Password
  • Mobile Device configuration


  • Attendee status on appointments
  • Calendar Attachments
  • Event Colors
  • Hyperlinks within event description
  • Recurring event information


  • Deleted items and folders
  • Folder Colors
  • Document URLs (watchpoint! linked documents will be broken)
  • External Permissions


  • Email data- All Groups will start fresh
  • Group settings




  • No calendar data will migrate to Google


  • No contacts will be migrated to Google