Shared Mailboxes

Outlook shared mailboxes will become one of 4 types in Google:

1) Google Group, 2) Delegated User, 3) Calendar Resource, 4) Secondary Calendar

How do I use my new Google solution?

[State of Arizona] How do I use my Shared Mailboxes in Google?

Google Groups

Google Groups makes it easy for groups of people—such as project teams or departments —to communicate and collaborate. You can send an email to everyone in a group with one address, invite a group to an event, or share documents with a group. Please note that while Groups have functionality to tag/assign/categorize emails going forward and emails in your legacy mailbox will migrate, historical folder structures will not be replicated in the Group. To learn more about how to use Google Groups, please see use the below resources:

Google Groups Tips Sheet

Delegated Mailbox

Delegated Gmail Accounts are one of G Suite’s options for Team Mailboxes. They allow up to 25 members of a team to receive and respond to email requests using a common address. To learn more about how to use Delegated Mailboxes, please see use the below resources:

Delegated Mailbox Tips Sheet

Calendar Resource

The most common example of a Calendar Resource is a meeting room. Other examples might include projectors, company fleet cars, guest offices, recreation equipment, or any other resource people might schedule a time to use. To learn more about how to use Calendar Resources, please see use the below resources:

Calendar Resources Tips Sheet

Secondary Calendar

A Secondary Calendar is a calendar owned by an individual associate that is separate from their individual calendar. These can be used for team calendars, PTO calendars, project calendars, and more.

If your shared mailbox is marked as a secondary calendar in the table above, it will need to be recreated in Google by the owner of that calendar. Please work with your teammates to decide who will recreate the calendar, and follow to the instructions in the guide below to create the calendar and import your events:

Recreating Calendars in Google

How do I use my new Google Solution?