Find your Delegated Account

What is a delegated account?

A Delegated Mailbox is a G Suite user license that is reserved solely for receiving mail directed at this shared mailbox. Think of this as a regular gmail account, but everyone has access to it. Group members will be able to access the shared mailbox in addition to their own Gmail mailboxes. The UI of the Delegated Mailbox is identical to users' own Gmail inboxes, but can be further customized to help with aspects of team collaboration and organization.

As delegates of this shared mailbox, group members will be able to:

  • Send or reply to emails that were sent to the group. When they send a message, the member's own email address will show. For example, the sender will show as "sent by"
  • Read messages sent to the group
  • Delete messages sent to the group
  • Manage the group's contacts

Delegates can't do things like:

  • Chat with anyone on behalf of the group
  • Change the group's Gmail password
  • Change the group's Gmail account settings

Looking for your delegated accounts? The short tutorial below will walk you through how to access your delegated accounts.