Team Drive Governance

Team drive Governance overview

The Team Drive Governance strategy is designed to help ensure the integrity and ease of retrieval of information within the G Suite environment

Library Administrators, chosen by their agency leadership, will have elevated G Suite permission levels that will allow them to create Team Drives.


  • Current Team Drives that may have created prior to governance will still be active and available.
  • Moving forward any new Team Drives created in the agency will be created by Library Admin.

Team governance process

When a new Google Team is required for your agency the following steps are followed.

Team Drive Naming Convention

Naming conventions make it easier to locate and organize Team Drives as well as determine its ownership. Below is the recommended Team Drive Naming Convention Format.

Two Digit Agency Code _Division Name_Team Drive Name

Example: AD_ASET_Knowledge Management

Requesting a library admin

If your agency or division does not currently have a designated Library Administrator, please request one using the process below:

Library Admin Roster