Google Drive and AODocs migration Playbook

This Digital Playbook is your resource to find all the checklists, templates and procedures needed to successfully complete the launch of AODocs

6 Step Google Drive & AODocs Migration Process

Files to AODocs will be migrated in six steps

1.0 determine scope

1.1 Assess the appropriateness of Drive and AODocs

1.2 Provide quote required licenses

      • G Suite license
      • AODocs Storage account

1.3 Kick Off Communication

1.4 Have Billing Authorization Form for storage account signed

1.5 Schedule the Migration Labs

1.6 Determine the libraries and file shares involved in the migration

2.0 review

2.1 Generate an inventory of the in scope libraries and file shares with the below information:

2.2 Lab 1: Project Kick Off

2.3 Determine the users of each libraries and file shares

2.4 Determine if the libraries and file shares is in use or disuse

2.5 Agency to identify files to be deleted

2.6 Agency to identify files to be migrated

2.7 Agency to identify files that will remain in current location and not migrated

3.0 Organize

3.1 Lab 2: Organize Drive and Library

3.2 Create data models that details the Document Classes, Fields, Categories used within the AODocs library

3.3 Create streamlined folder structure (3-4 levels)

4.0 Apply

4.1 Delete folders and files marked for deletion

4.2 Move files meant to remain in current location to a designated folder

      • Identify shortcuts and links that may break and will need to be re-established prior to move

4.3 Move files meant to migrate into AODocs to the new folder structure in the current file share


5.1 Deliver Pre-Migration Communication

5.2 Place source drive or file share on read-only

5.3 Import files into Google Drive or AODocs

5.4 Deliver Post-Migration Communication

6.0 Training

6.1 Lab 3: Review AODocs Library and Team Drives

6.2 AODocs administrator training

6.3 Conduct AODocs general user training

AODocs Library Creation Quality Checklist

Did you just create an AODocs library? Ensure your library will function properly by using the following checklist to double check your work.

  1. Library Creation
    • Have you determined the audiences that will be using the library?
    • Have you identified what Google groups you should use to provide access to the library?
    • Did you confirm the correct storage account to be used for the library?
    • Did you use the standard naming convention for the library ( Agency Code_Division_Library Name)?
    • Did you document the purpose and audience on the home page of the library?
    • Did you post a "how to use this library" content on the library's home page?
  2. Categories
    • Did you document the categories that you will need to create in the library in the Migration Planning Matrix?
    • Did you document all category terms in the Migration Planning Matrix?
    • Are the names of your categories consistent with fields you plan to use in the document classes?
    • Are the category terms consistent with folder names you are using in any custom scripts?
  3. Workflows
    • Have workflows notifications been created?
    • Have notifications been directed to Google Groups instead of individuals?
    • Have workflows been tested?
  4. Document Class
    • Have all appropriate columns for each view been detailed in the Migration Planning Matrix?
    • Have permission levels been determined for each view?
  6. Security groups
    • Have all appropriate Google groups been listed in the Migration Planning Matrix?
    • Have at least two library administrate administrators been assigned to the library?
    • Have groups been used to grant library access at the root folder level?

AODocs Assessment

Is AODocs Right For Me? The below assessment will help you identify if AODocs is right for you.