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State of Arizona Data Classification Policy 8110.

Important disclaimer:

Applications, Extensions and Plugins listed on this site have not been vetted for usage with Confidential Information or compliance with State/Federal privacy laws.

No Confidential Information, such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), may be stored, processed or transmitted with applications/extensions listed on this site.

For further guidance, please contact your agency Chief Privacy Officer or Information Security Officer.

Below is a list of Extensions & Plugins that are available in the Marketplace.

What's New in the Extensions & Plugins ? -Data Connector for Salesforce, Okta Browser Plugin,

Reader Mode LastPass, Doc to Form.

Last updated - 02/07/2020.

Do not see an extension that you are looking for? Request that an extension be added to the approved list by submitting a request below.

Please provide the following in your request:

  1. Your Name, Agency, Division
  2. Name of the extension
  3. A Use Case for how the extension will be used (1-2 sentences)
  4. A weblink to requested Apps/Ext located in the Chrome Web store
  5. A weblink to App/Ext developer website
  6. A weblink to App/Ext Privacy Policy
  7. The date of most recent App/Ext update
  8. A weblink to App/Ext Terms of Use policy
  9. If the requested App/Ext is "Free or Paid" to use on an Enterprise Wide Level

***All fee based apps and extensions must be submitted by an approving supervisor with authority to make payments***

Note - Please restrict one extension per request, if there are more than one extension then submit it as an individual request.


  • Apps/Ext security review process can take some time to process.
  • Questionable privacy or terms of use policies requiring clarification from developers can add significant time to the approval process.
  • App/Ext developers who do not respond to our request for clarification will result in denial of the App/Ext on the State Network.