Tech Talks 2024

About the Tech Talks

What are the Tech Talks for? 

To bring eResearch Technical Specialists together in a forum for sharing technical experience and expertise.

Who is the target audience?

Technical Specialists working in ARDC supported projects; related activities, institutions and facilities; or anyone with interest or expertise in the technologies which underpin these activities.

How often are the Tech Talks?
A Tech Talk will take place (online) about every two months.

How do I join?
See the Signup form below.

How do I share topic suggestions for a talk?
See previous suggestions. (2016-19)

A new topic suggestions/voting page is now available.

Contact the programme committee directly via:

How does the Tech Talk series work?

A Programme Committee will select topics for the talks based on the target community's input and priorities. The Programme Committee is drawn from the community, ensuring the community owns the talks, whilst the ARDC only  facilitates them.

This series focuses on targeted technical specialist topics, more in line with the technical community's interests - eg  (eResearch Infrastructure) tools, technologies, architectures and solutions, and less on general data/eResearch topics such as Data Visualisation, or overall eResearch project outcomes and deliverables.


Next - Talk27 - 20 June 2024, 1:00PM AEST 

Title: Service Mesh Overview and Anatomy (subscribe)(slides, video)

Speaker: Ping Chen, senior DevOps engineer, ARDC

Talk26 - 24 April 2024, 2:00PM AEST 

Title: Techniques and Software Framework for Extracting Metadata from Diverse Data Sources (Slides)

Speaker: Vincent Fazio is a software developer employed by CSIRO Mineral Resources. 

Talk25 - 22 Feb 2024, 2:00pm AEDT

Title: Clean Air Research Data and Analysis Technology (CARDAT): A Data Platform (Slides, Video)

Speaker: Dr Ivan Hanigan PhD, Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Climate Change and Health Impact Assessment | Faculty of Health Science, Senior Lecturer in Climate Change and Health | School of Population Health

Talk24 - 30 November, 2:00pm AEST 

Cross-platform GPU programming without the heartburn

Dr Emily Kahl is a research software engineer at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) at the University of Queensland. Emily develops and maintains software for molecular simulation, with a specific focus on GPU-accelerated computing and machine learning methods in quantum chemistry. She is also an advocate for open-source software in computational science, and code she has developed for atomic and molecular physics has seen widespread use by Australian and international researchers. (Slides, Video)

Talk 23 - 26 October, 2.00pm AEDT

Galaxy - Linking User Needs to Distributed Computing Through the Total Perspective Vortex

Gareth Price is Product Owner of Galaxy Australia and Dr. Nuwan Goonasekera is a research fellow at the University of Melbourne and a developer for Galaxy Australia. (Slides, Video)

Talk 22 - 24 August, 2.00pm AEST

Knowledge Graphs and Property Graphs

Dr Nicholas Car - Data standards and Semantic Web specialist, KurrawongAI and Adjunct at the ANU. (Slides, Video)

Talk 21 - 29 June, 2.00pm AEST

The Next Generation of Scientific Computing at the Australian Synchrotron

Dr Andreas Moll, Manager - Scientific Computing, The Australian Synchrotron. (video, slides)

Talk 20 - 26 April 2023, 2.00PM AEST

Zero to Dev: How LAMMPS Gets Academics Coding in C++

Shern Tee, Postdoc, The Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, University of Queensland (Slides)(Video)

Talk 19 - 23 Feb 2023, 2.00PM AEDT

Data in the Time of Covid - Sources, Linkage, and Pipelines at the Victorian Department of Health

Dennis Wollersheim, Principal Analyst at DHHS Victoria. (Slides 1)

Talk 18 - 22 Nov 2022, 12.00noon AEST

Introducing the idea of building a Scientific Software Distribution Service using software containers, automated security scanning and CVMFS.

Steffen Bollmann, UQ,  Audrey Stott, Pawsey. (Slides 1, Slides 2  | Video 1, Video 2)

Talk 17 - 11 Oct 2022, 12.00noon AEDT

TileDB; Bringing data, scientists and users together - enabling computational accessibility

Josh Sixsmith, Technical Lead, Geoscience Australia - National Seabed Mapping Team(Slides | Video)

Talk 16 - 25 Aug 2022, 2.00pm AEST

Making AuScope's Portal Play FAIR

Vincent Fazio, Senior Engineer, CSIRO Minerals.  (Slides | Video)

Talk 15 - 6 July 2022, 11.00am AEST

ARDC Interactive Analytics update (Jupyter). (Slides | Chat | Video)

Andy Botting, Nectar Research Cloud, ARDC

Talk 14 - 26 May 2022 (12.30pm AEST)

Implementing OHDSI OMOP Common Data Model for Medical Research.  (Slides | Video)

Prof Dougie Boyle, Academic Specialist in Clinical Data Analytics, University of Melbourne.

Talk 13 - 30 March 2022, 1.00pm AEDT (12.00noon AEST): 

Neurodesk: Containers for flexible, reproducible data analysis. (Slides | Video)

Oren Civier, Informatics Fellow, Swinburne Neuroimaging, Steffen Bollmann UQ, Aswin Narayanan NIF Qld. 

Talk 12 - 3 March 2022, 1.00pm AEDT (12.00noon AEST): 

HPC Workflow Orchestration - Apache Airflow. (Slides | Video)

Blake Seers, Software Developer, CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere

Talk 11 - 22 Feb, 11.00am AEDT (10.00am AEST): 

Open Source Software Library Vignettes. (Slides | Video).

Vincent Fazio, Scientific Programmer, CSIRO Minerals 

Talk 10 - 9 November 2021, 2.00pm AEDT (1.00pm AEST): 

DReSA: challenges of adapting a web app to Australasia

Nick May, Pawsey, CSIRO (Slides | Video )

Talk 9 - 25 October, 3.00pm AEDT (2.00pm AEST)

CILogon: Integrated Identity and Access Management Platform (Video CILogon | Full Video inc AAF)

AU Support AAF - John Scullen, Head Project and Managed Services
This is a pre-recorded CILogon talk.

Talk 8 - 3 September, 2.00pm AEST: 

Scalable Data Processing on Nectar using Apache Airflow.  (Slides | Video)

Amir Aryani, Duong Nhu Swinburne Soda Lab.

Jan Hettenhausen, Griffith University.

Talk 7 - 26 August, 2.00pm AEST: 

Container Orchestration Experiences. (Slides | Video)

Gordon German, CSIRO Square Kilometer Array (SKA) Regional Centre Australia.

Talk 6 - 17 June, 2.00pm AEST: 

CI/CD - Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (Slides | Video)

James Tocknell, Software Developer/Data Scientist AAO, Macquarie University
James Dempsey, Senior Software Developer CASDA, CSIRO

Talk 5 - 13 May, 10.00am AEST: 

Open Source Web GL Frameworks Slides 

Vincent Fazio, Software Developer, CSIRO Minerals

Talk 4 - 15 April, 3.00pm AEDT: 

Platforms for Sensitive Data Analysis

SeRP - Anitha Kannan, Jerico Revote, Monash

AIS - Chris Albone, Ryan Sullivan, Uni Sydney

SDE - Amr Hassan, Monash

OzCAT - Matthew Field, UNSW

ERICA - Time Churches, UNSW

AARNet: Frankie Steven, AARNet.

OMOP PSB: Dougie Boyle, Roger Ward, Uni Melbourne.  Slides | Chat | Video now available.

Talk 3 - 25 Feb, 2.00pm AEDT:
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
Jafar Lie, Chris Hines, Monash, Bernard Meade, University of Melbourne. Slides - Unimelb Monash now available

Talk 2 - 3 December, 1.00pm AEDT:
Building Serverless Web Applications for Researchers.
Sam Bradley CSIRO. Slides now available.

Talk 1 - 8 October, 1.00pm AEDT:
New Infrastructure and Services for Nectar Research cloud in 2020/21.
now available.

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