Skills Summit 2020 - Working Groups


The 2020 virtual summit, which was held 26 – 30 October, was an interactive event designed to foster discussions and lead to outcomes. The attendees took part in sessions tackling key skills and workforce development challenges including sharing materials and training activities, best practices in a virtual world and sustainability.

A key goal of the summit was to turn research data skills challenges into tangible goals with achievable outcomes, which resulted in four new working groups focusing on the following areas:

  • supporting the development and upskilling of trainers and facilitators

  • developing a national training registry and national training event calendar to raise the visibility of skills training across the sector

  • building a collaborative network for the co-development of training materials to target topic overlaps

  • strategies for enhancing the career development for data and digital research support professionals.

Two of the working groups have now combined, leaving three active working groups.



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