School Nutrition Services

Priscilla Riedel-Cohan, MS, RDN, SNS

Program Coordinator for School Nutrition


Phone:  (903) 746-1626


Template Letter

FAX Number:  (713) 730-2721

Proposed Rule

Child Nutrition Programs: Revisions to Meal Patterns Consistent with the 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Comments Due:  May 10, 2023

School Nutrition Association Comments to USDA Proposed Rule 03-27-2023

Video Presentation:  Overview of Arch Ford School Nutrition Services

Members of the School Nutrition Services consortium complete and return the current fiscal year resolution/interlocal agreement.  If any member participates in the commodity processing or foodservice purchasing cooperative, they must also complete the additional resolution/interlocal agreement for the affected fiscal year.

Option 1: School Nutrition Services Resolution/Interlocal Agreement SY 2024

Members may alternately choose to join the School Nutrition Services consortium by Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 

Option 2: School Nutrition Services Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) SY 2024

School Nutrition Services Membership List (as of 07-30-22)

Compliance Solutions

Finance Solutions

Management Consulting Solutions

Menu Management Solutions

Procurement Solutions

Staffing Solutions

Training Solutions

Workforce Development Solutions

A steering committee is commissioned to support needs assessment, program evaluation, and project improvement in School Nutrition Services at Arch Ford.  Members of the steering committee are:

Dr. Lori Edgin, Superintendent, Atkins School District

Dr. Mark Taylor, Superintendent, Hector School District

Jimmy Cunningham, Superintendent, Mount Vernon-Enola School District

Mandi Edwards, Superintendent, Perryville School District

Cassidy Brown, Child Nutrition Director, Atkins School District

Pam Davis, Child Nutrition Director, East End School District

Valerie Sims, Child Nutrition Director, Nemo Vista School District

Marilyn Gullett, Child Nutrition Director, South Conway County School District

Lisa Owens, Child Nutrition Director, Western Yell County School District